These are PDF files mostly of newsletters from the local Houston chapter
Courtesy of the Botts Collection


Dignity Newsletter, 1972

Comments: the Dignity Newsletter above was tagged as belonging to what became Integrity,
and for it to have been from a real Dignity group, you would expect even the slightest
religious slant, which is missing. So I believe it was tagged correctly.

Dignity Houston, 1981 -1990          

The above PDF file includes misc papers
and the following Newsletters:

1981, October, Vol 8 #10
1981, November
1982, April, Vol 9 #4
1983, March, Vol 10 #3
1983, April, Vol 10 #4
1983, June, Vol 10 #6
1984, June, Vol 11 #6
1984, July, Vol 11 #7
1984, September, Vol 11 #9
1984, October, Vol 11 #10
1985, February, Vol 12 #2
1990, August
1990, September
1990, October

 Dignity, 10th Anniversary Program, 1984











 1991--Jan, Oct PDF
1993--Sep, Nov PDF
1994--Jan, Feb, Apr PDF
1994--Jul, Aug, Sep, Dec PDF
1995-- Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun PDF
1995--Jul, Aug, Oct PDF
1996--Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep PDF
1997--Feb, Mar, May, Jul PDF

above 90s scans courtesy of Roy Brooks-Delphin, from the Botts Collection

2001--Feb, Apr PDF
2002--Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec PDF
2003--Jan, Jun PDF
2004--Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov PDF
2005--Mar, May, Aug, Sep, Oct PDF
2006--Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Nov

1999--Dignity USA Newsletter, Summer-Houston part PDF

Some recent newsletters, 2012-2016
can be found at the Dignity site at this link