Houston Gay Political Coalition


At this point in time it is wondered just how many people were in the Coalition.
Was it just the four named in the article (Billy Walker, Chuck Berger, Bob Osborne
and Randy Thomas), or were there more? After all, the Houston City Council would
not know what size the group was or how many it really represented. At very least
it made the city aware that there was a gay community.

The Gay Political Coalition, especially Billy Walker, had a relationship with the burgeoning Montrose Gaze
See their section

What do we know about Walker and Berger? Well, not much more....
but we know Walker was connected to Montrose Gaze and wrote
an article in Nuntius about it, April 1973


And Berger did a gay radio show on KPFT around the same time...per Remmington's thesis

And a long shot....twenty years later I found a Billy Walker working in San Antonio
gay bars...unlikely it's the same person, but not impossible