Montrose, Corner of Westheimer & Yoakum
1936 and 1983, landscape, courtesy of Ray Hill

the original was 38" long, so had to do 5 scans and piece it together

( see full photo )

above by Peter Gershon, 032021, just before the block on center left was leveled

Montrose Gay Businesses, Etc

just a few, in no particular order

photos from the files of Upfront Newspaper,
and if I found an article associated with the photos
it is included

Photos Courtesy of the Botts Collection

from the TWT Guide, 12/28/79


After Dark, 3400 Travis

Adultz News, 714 W Alabama

Dogpatch 2, 1213 Richmond

MCCR, 1919 Decatur Street

The Locker, 1732 Westheimer (closed October 1979);
later it was the Different Drum; and lots of bleach & lysol later, now the Empire Cafe

Sheer Fantasy, 1401 Westheimer

Facets, 1412 Westheimer

[ this is not the same as Art Wren's Silver Dollar Club and Restaurant, which was located in the space currently occupied by Katz Deli ]

Wilde'N'Stein, 520 Westheimer

from the Southwest Courier, Spring 1977

N Houston News
Venture N
After Dark
The Barn
Carter's Bookstore
Mr Peeper's Glory Hole

Action Bookstore
Depository II
The Loft

below, miscellaneous, Bambolinos

Miscellaneous, early 80's


Above, Numbers; below, Q-1 Leather


above, 1978 photo of Numbers stage

below three by owner Robert Burtenshaw
when the club was ready to open again as #'s 2, around 1982



AbOUT Magazine liked my pix so much they made a photospread out of them, for the 2014 Pride Issue.

August 2019, I was quoted in the Houston Chronicle, though article is quite insufficient...
if only he had asked me what photos I had...