Gay & Lesbian Bookstores
(that actually sold books)

Lobo Book Store
Wilde 'N' Stein Books
Inklings Bookshop & Others
Crossroads Market

Lobo Dallas 1973 - 1990
Lobo Houston 1986 - 2004
Oscar Wilde Book Shop, NYC, 1996 - 2003

The Lobo stores were an institution in Dallas and Houston spanning
thirty years, and gradually fell to the competition of online sites. Larry LIngle
began the business in Dallas with his lover Bill White (who died in 1995).
See article at end of Lobo section for history.

Bill White & Larry Lingle

Larry Lingle often used his ads to make commentary on local and national news affecting our community.
The first Houston location was 1424-C Westheimer, before moving to 3939-S Montrose in 1996.

My membership card, #115883, 12/15/95, allowing me to rent videos


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below, I still have my Lobo t-shirt