National Gay Task Force

1976 to 1979

Note: Just a few selected scans of Texas interest.
Name was later changed to National LBGTQ TF


Vol 3-3, Dec 1976, PDF                      Vol 3-5, Feb 1977, PDF                    Vol 3-7, Apr 1977, PDF
Pokey Anderson                               Brandon Wolf photo                         Pokey Anderson


Vol 5-7, Aug 1978, PDF                      Vol 6-5, Jun 1979, PDF                    Letter Nov 1977, PDF
Pokey Anderson                                 Larry Bagneris                            Pokey Anderson

Board Photo from Vol 5-7, Aug 1978
listing can be found in that issue

Photo of Larry Bagneris (and Betsy Hess and Jose Gomez) from Vol 6-5, Jun 1979

From NGTF Collection: Pokey Anderson in another photo, with Gary Van Ooeteghem in front row

From NGTF collection: Michael Callen , Ginny Berson and Richard Berkowitz