The 60s Gay Photos of Peter English

I bought a batch of "gay photos" from an eBay dealer, who provide me with a little info on them.
He told me, "the photos are mostly from New York and the beach photos are from New Jersey
and New York.... They are all out of the estate of Peter English who was born and raised in
New York. He was raised in a Catholic family, was in the Army in the 60's and was at Fire Island
in the 60's. He was an art teacher and a illustrator, was a prolific artist and looked to have had a
very interesting life.He passed away in 2014." If anyone has more information on Peter English,
please let me know.

I thought they were worth sharing, and I tried to group them by year



these two had writing on the back



military time

a theory is that the photo collection may have belonged to the guy above, as he is in so many of all the shots, including the military ones








above left, this guy, and his V sweater are in a number of photos








a blow up of the newspaper is maybe a little help in providing a place for this one...
I'm thinking "SLA" is the State Liquor Authority of NY, and of course NY has a "Daily News"




and, switching to color photos




below, Sept 1966


above left is the only one labeled on the back with a place, Southampton,
probably NY, on the east end of Long Island



Brian Moon Zabcik tells me...
The building with the arches is the Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.







above, labeled on the back, Martin & Peter (not sure who is who)






the button says "Kiss Me, I'm Irish"


and, my favorite...a friend of mine thinks this was taken at the Botel in Fire Island

and yes, I know this gallery as nothing to do with the focus of this website.....