Montrose Activity Center
August 1988 - December 1990

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These issues are courtesy of Jack Valinski, who was Editor
from the first issue until he resigned in December 1990.
Numbering began in October 1989 with #14, though that
was really #15. For 1990 there were no issues for June,
when instead the Pride Program was printed, and for October.
Valinski resigned with the December 1990 issue and no one
picked up the mantle so that was the last one.

In general, it may appear to be dry in nature, due to few graphics and
photographs, but then it was a newsletter not a newspaper, and
I marvel at how transparent the organization was, with most
meeting notes fully published. It not only chronicled what was
going on with MAC but was a good calendar of the events of other
Houston organizations, probably the best available for that period.

This was a period of time after the first MAC building was closed (1983),
as efforts continued to work toward a physical location for a new center,
finally opening in 1998. During this time MAC had notable programs,
including Pride, the local Names Project and AIDS efforts, so their
work was remarkable.

In June 1989 it switched from a 8 1/2"x11" format (with pages growing
from 8 to 12) to 11"x15" newsprint (with almost all issues being 12 pages).


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              Were there newsletters after 1990?

               It seems the successor to the MAC newsletters was the one for Pride, getting started in May 1991, see Link
              The transition is mentioned in the letter below

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