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My book is beginning to chalk up some media coverage,
so I am displaying that here, with most recent first.



Outlife757 is the LGBTQ magazine of Hampton Roads, VA, published by Eric Hause. I was pleased to interview with him a while back, and now it's out in print (and online).

It's great timing for me, as I'll be visiting Norfolk in late Feb and giving a book talk at Old Dominion University.

The issue is out now, at this link.

I'll have more coverage of that trip soon.


I was pleased to give a reading on 2/11 before the group Houston Oasis, very fun. Here's Bryan Hlavinka, my wingman, and I in our 1981 shirts.

Wow, got this Terrific review on Instagram, from a guy going by Dance of the Clones!
I couldn't figure out why all of the sudden I got 450+ new followers...well, he has 24K!

Outsmart Magazine gave me a nice surprise when writer Ryan Leach included me in a list of things to "keep" in 2024...unusual for them to mention a book, and with such good comments. See entire article.


The Diana's invited me to do a book reading and Q&A at their Nov 15 meeting,
and it went over Very well. I think they enjoyed it & I sold a few books.


11/16/23. A big thanks to long-time music and book columnist Gregg Shapiro for
including a really good quickie review of my book in the latest OutSFL Magazine.
Wilton Manors, FL  [ of course, to save space, I only displayed mine :]


On 11/5 Book Club Houston invited me to for a reading and Q&A, and I was very impressed. I had a great time and the 25+ members seemed to as well...hey, it lasted five hours! Of course I read the first Houston chapter, but added (hopefully humorous) side comments not in the book.

That's host for this month Jose Garcia, and I have a selection of photos from various members at This Link.

After the Q&A we adjourned to the 4th floor that has a patio view from EADO of the skyline, for the mandatory group pic.


Bay Area Reporter Review, 10/31/23: I am VERY pleased with this review and thank Michael Flanagan and Jim Provenzano for making it special. Michael worked into his review just how large a part my visiting San Francisco played in my trip.
Read the entire article HERE.


Dallas Voice Review, 10/27/23
Well, on September 24th I was interviewed on the radio by the trio at Lambda Weekly Radio (KNON, Dallas) David Taffet, Lerone Landis & Patti Fink) Scroll down for that.

And David, as he also writes for the Dallas Voice, went a step further by writing a review there. This is important to me, as my book has a lengthy chapter on Dallas, with lots of photos. As this may be too small to read online, here's a PDF from that Dallas Voice issue. READ

this was fun...

I was invited by Kip Altstaetter to give a talk at his home, for a very informal book club they call the MOD Men, Men of Design, as they all work in that field. I read from my book's Houston chapter, followed by a Q&A. This was interesting for me as in the group of about 25 I did not know anyone, so I got to meet lots of nice people
. And I even sold a few books...:)

U of H Libraries Special Collections - Celebrates LGBTQ History Month

I was very pleased to be invited to do a reading from my book (the Houston chapter, of course), along with these esteemed panelists.



Woodlands Pride Festival

I rented a table, and my wingman Bryan Hlavinka helped me sell some books, very fun event! 10/21/23


Launch Party, Part 2 - 10/15/23

Shots from the book launch party at Stephen & Blake's, they posted:

It was a real treat to host an intimate book release party for JD Doyle, award winning LGBT historian and archivist (and friend), at our home this weekend. Thank you to all who came out to this special event.


Live Event, from the Heritage Society, w/ Mister McKinney. He does a great job escorting me through the story of my history activism and the new book.

10/4/23, 47:23 min.



Yay, Houston Chronicle online feature interview! 9/29/23, by Brittanie Shey


Well, this was fun! On my birthday, 9/24, the trio at Lambda Weekly Radio (KNON, Dallas) David Taffet, Lerone Landis & Patti Fink, gave me a segment, and we covered my book and my music and history websites, all in 59 minutes. I have the audio captured: LISTEN


This Way Out Interview. Week of 8/28/23. On 200 stations around the world.

A veteran “This Way Out” contributor has added “author” to his list of credits. JD DOYLE won awards for his work with the team that produced our long-running, monthly queer music feature, “Audiofile”. He earned just as much acclaim as curator of the Queer Music Heritage online collection. “This Way Out’s” BRIAN DeSHAZOR welcomes him home to celebrate his latest endeavor, “1981-My Gay American Road Trip: A Slice of Our Pre-AIDS Culture” (with music by Charlie Murphy and the Tom Robinson Band). . . 18:09


Another interview About The Book, and this time....Yay! It's a VIDEO, my first...done by Scott Fullerton of the NE Ohio podcast Left of Str8 Show. 8/25/23. 50 minutes.

Scott lives just a few miles from where I went to college, Youngstown State University, so this was a nice connection.

Launch Party! 8/24/23
JD Doyle’s new book “1981 My Gay American Road Trip” hit the Internet on July 1, and this is the first Launch Event, with a reading and Q&A, and book signings, and of course you could buy the book. Held upstairs in the Phoenix Room of The Eagle.
Big thanks to Mark De Lange for providing the space. It went Very well.

So grateful to have these guys helping: Austin Davis Ruiz, Blake Mudd, JD Doyle, Judson Dunn, Mister McKinney, Bryan Hlavinka, Ryan C. Wilson. (Missing from the shot is Stephen M. Miranda), Photo by Connor Hart. More Photos Here


Yay! On 8/10/23 I was on the podcast of Dennis Hensley, called "Dennis Anyone" (Los Angeles) and this was about the most fun I've ever had doing an interview. Well, we've known each other for about
20 years and already had great rapport. He's a Terrific interviewer (and researcher) and came up with great questions. He actually read the book, and paid attention. It sounds like this was just listening to two friends talking, cause that's what it was. And we packed it into just 58 minutes...yeah, I know we can talk! And, Yes, we talk about that open bottom button on those 501 jeans. Check it out!

Thank You, OutSmart Magazine and journalist supreme Andrew Edmonson for very generously giving my new book some coverage in the August issue. Also thanks to miracle-worker photographer Alex Rosa.

See the article here.

QV: 07/12/23, Bryan Hlavinka interviews JD Doyle about his new book 1981 My Gay American Road Trip: A Slice of Our Pre-AIDS Culture, 14 minutes, LISTEN
The Houston Hour, with Mister McKinney and Heidi Vaughan, on KPFT.... for June, for Pride Month, JD Doyle talked about History, and the Book. 6/2/23,
26 min, LISTEN
The Book Debuts on Amazon, 7/1/23