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Most of the links from my text are sending folks to my time in Norfolk, to various
articles from about twelve different issues of Our Own Community Press.
As there are so many, I have combined those into a single file (PDF) to avoid
the need to jump around to them.

Link to all pages of Our Own from my Book


Order of Our Own and other Links

Links for Norfolk chapter

"First Time" story, Our Own, February 1980

Our Own coverage of 1979 March on Washington, Nov 1979

Footnote: my photos of the March at my history site,

Gay bar trying to supress Our Own Distribution, December 1979

Local Industry Survey on Discrimination, Our Own December 1979

Movie Cruising protests , Our Own, March 1980

Our Own Cartoon Controversy, March 1980

Jack Whitlow Art
footnote: http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/122115whitlow.html

Nickelodeon article and ad, Our Own, September 1979

Sammy Williams article, Our Own, September 1980

Norfolk's drag Diana Ross, Cover & Interview, Our Own, April 1981

Photo feature of Norfolk's gay bars, Our Own, February 1979

First Time I Heard Gay Music

Links for Chapter 4

Footnote: As of 2021 Café Lafitte in Exile, in New Orleans, is still open,
making it one of the oldest gay bars in the country.
See the discussion here:   http://peterga.com/kbar-gay.htm

Links for Chapter 5

Article for Our Own covering the Baton Rouge conference, May 1981

Program South Eastern Conference of Lesbians & Gay Men

Links for Chapter 6

Easter Bonnet Sleaze contest 1981 photos

Links for Chapter 8

Article for Our Own, on the Gay Press Association convention, June 1981

Links for Chapter 10

Doric Wilson was a pioneering gay playwright who (along with Lanford Wilson
and Robert Patrick), founded in 1974 the first gay theater in the United States,
The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS). Info from

Footnote: Queer Music Heritage, "Songs About AIDS," found at

For Our Own, if you want to go back to the source:

General Link to Our Own complete issues at Old Dominion University



Obituaries for some close to me:
Terry Grimes, http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/090983grimes.html
Wes Gregson, http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/040188gregson.html
Kim Spradling, http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/030191spradling.html
Buddy Dreis, http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/022591dreis.html
Ron Groff, http://www.texasobituaryproject.org/082490groff.html
John Winn, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/042586winn.html
Clint McKay, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/050591mckay.html
Jay Bacon, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/032291bacon.html
Chester Wilson, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/100193wilson.html
Bill Glover, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/060196glover.html
John Winn, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/042586winn.html
Jeff Pierce, https://www.texasobituaryproject.org/080907pierce.html

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