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KPFT Photos

Above, Jimmy Carper and Buddy Johnston from the show After Hours

Jimmy Carper, from various years


This is a very random collection of KPFT photos that I happen to have from my personal collection,
mostly associated with the show Queer Voices. First batch is from 2003 and were taken by Troy Christensen.


Above, Jack Valinski, JD Doyle, Jone Devlin, Glenn Holt; and upper right, Glenn at the board; below, Just Jack




Jone and Ray Hill



From 2004, Jack is above; Glenn and Jone below

below, Jimmy Carper & Nancy Ford often stopped by Queer Voices



Above right is from 2007
Below is 2009, Jenefer Rene Pool, guest Annise Parker, and Sommer Eiman

We always love getting our photos taken with the Mayor


Below, Bryan Hlavinka, Jack and Jimmy






Above, from 2014, taken to make the point that QV had four Grand Marshals on the staff

above, January 2014, at the memorial service for Jimmy Carper....long-time former
Wilde-N-Stein and Lesbian & Gay Voices host Deborah Bell, Bryan, Jenifer and JD

Above, Jonathan Craft, Jenifer, Mayor Parker, Bryan, Jack, 2014
Below, Matthew Williams, Ben Herndon, Sommer, Mayor Parker, Jenifer, JD, Jack. 2014

After Hours

From their Facebook Album, where you can find a Lot more

Most photos by Paul Strickland of See Owl Graphics

2008 - 2010

Chris Arasin


Above, Judy Reeves



Wes Lavergne

2012 Pride Fest

Krewe Ball, 2014, They always made Judy hold their drinks....