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A new beginning

In a way, KPFT saw the error of its ways regarding the cancelation of "Wilde N Stein"
and it's a shame it happened at all. If left alone the show would have continued and would
be in contention for the oldest gay radio show in the country. (IMRU on the sister Pacifica
station may hold that title, beginning in September 1974). But alas, in Houston the show
was off the air from November 1992 but was back in March 1993, under a new name....
tentative at first...."Pride Radio, Lesbian & Gay Voices," quickly shortening that to
Lesbian & Gay Voices. It renamed itself to Queer Voices in 2002.


Below, in May 1994 Outsmart magazine did an extensive feature on Lesbian & Gay Voices

In 1994 the Houston Voice did a series of
Caricatures of our gay & lesbian personalities,
and several KPFT folks were included
View that page

below from May 1996 Pride Newsletter


In the Fall of 1999 Jimmy Carper of After Hours invited JD Doyle (me) to do a guest
segment on queer music. It went well and Jack Valinski heard it and offered me a
monthly segment on Lesbian & Gay Voices, one-half hour the fourth Monday of the
month, That was called Queer Music Heritage and after six months I persuaded him
to give me a full hour (the show was two hours long then). Below is my "retirement"
statement, after a little over fifteen years.

From January 2000 until March 2015 "Queer Music Heritage" was both a radio show
and a website, and the goal of both was to preserve and share the music of our culture.
It has become the resource on the net for the history of LGBT music. Each month's
page gives the playlist and additional pages of info, and you can stream or download
every show; there's over 580 hours of programming available.

In January 2002 Lesbian & Gay Voices was renamed Queer Voices,
and below are the original and revised logos


Jack Valinski & Deborah Bell


Below, KPFT Building, 2008




After Hours Intro, by Chris Arasin, 2013, 2:35


September 2017, the End of After Hours

Above, KPFT Building, August 2019

August 5, 2019
Huge News Flash
Jack Valinski, long time Executive Producer of Queer Voices
has been named Interim General Manager of KPFT

He was interviewed on Queer Voices about his new role, by Bryan Hlavinka, 21 min.

Alas, Valinski did not last long in that position, radio politics got the best of things

and the pandemic meant QV had to go to remote, podcast show,
which has been under the leadership of Bryan Hlavinka
The show can be found here

June 2021

The End of the KPFT Building

Photos of CD Shelving, by Katrina Rose

Bumper Stickers


KPFT Photos