Early 1980's Photos

Houston Pride 1982 & 1984
Easter Sleaze Bonnet Contest 1981

Photos by JD Doyle

these were so not taken as a historian, more so as a sightseer....
unfortunately many folks in the photos did not survive the AIDS years

Westheimer Arts Festival Spring 1981

   Steve, Babylon bartender

above right, Steve, bartender at Babylon


Ron, Larry, Cody





Westheimer Arts Festival Spring 1982


   above left, unknown with Rick Price; at right, Dan Dougan and JD Arnold

above, Steve something and Rick Price


above right, Terry Grimes
below, Terry Grimes and Dan Sullivan


above right, unknown and Joe Varvaro


above left, Mark Schmidt


above, Joey Barry


   above left, Steve Southern; right, Jeff Kuchar and unknown



Don Dowden & Ted McKee

below, photo by Donn M, April Arts Fest

and, some miscellaneous not so random shots