Spartacus International Gay Guide

This guide is Very atypical compared to the others in this section; in that it is not a bar guide at all.
That is, if you're traveling to the United States. Foreign bars are listed. It's an international guide.
And they even explain that, on page 738.

And they go on to recommend, and even offer for sale what you might consider competing guides like Damron's,
Gayellow Pages and Places of Interest...if you're going to America, get those guides. So, as I mostly list publications
in this section of my site for the Texas listings, there was little to see. Therefore I'm showing the entire United States section,
all 17 pages of it. It does offer some interesting comments on other aspects of the culture, especially the comments
on age groups on their page 10 on Trends. There are also some interesting cautions about AIDS from a 1983
perspective, and advice about poppers. Ignoring the lack of U.S. bar info, it is an excellent, slick, large guide book,
about 800 pages, with sections in several languages.