Houston Pride Parade 1986
Courtesy of the Botts Collection

Photographer unknown
and not displayed in parade order

Pride Parade
39 minutes, includes 6 minutes of video below
From Mary's Roof after Parade
29 minutes


above lower, Montrose Symphonic Band
above upper, second vehicle is from Los Jorges, a latin club

below, upper pic Volunteer of the Year Dale Beverly

middle pic, TGRA

below upper pic, TGRA

middle, Mary's Naturally

lower, Club Houston

below upper & middle, Studio 13

below upper pic Freda Jerrel, National Vice President of PFLAG

below upper, Galleon

below middle and lower, RMCC

below upper & middle, Oak Lawn Marching Band

below upper and middle, Kindred Spirits

below lower, Marion Coleman with float trophy

below upper & middle, Gay & Lesbian Switchboard

below lower, Ranch

below upper & middle, Rascals

below lower, Ranch

below upper & middle, Monstose Sports Association (MSA)

below lower, Montrose Mining Company

below upper and middle, Fort Worth Gay Pride Week

below lower, Montrose Counseling Center,
and back of 611 float

Another batch of photos, taken by Kay Van Cleave

above, Montrose Mining Company & JRs
below, Texas Aggie Gay Marching Band
(guess they didn't bring the band...)

above, Brazos River Bottom
below, Oak Lawn Band

above, Donna Day
below, Ft Worth Pride

above & below, MCCR

above, more MCCR
below, misc

above, Pride Committee, with Larry Bagneris
below, the Ranch

above, Rascals
below, Gay & Lesbian Switchboard

Chronicle Photos



the entire Pride organization Board resigned a few weeks before the parade,
so it was unsure if the parade would go on....it would turn out to be a scaled down event