Houston Pride 1984

Photos By JD Doyle

above and below, the Montrose Mining Company was known for its construction equipment entrys

above and below, Club Houston

above, Union Jack

above & below, Loading Dock

below, Montrose Counseling Center

And below, someone took my pic, standing in the street

Below, Photos By Unknown Photographer, courtesy of the Botts Collection

above and below, Club Houston

above and below, Loading Dock

above, Montrose Counseling Center; below, Kindred Spirits

below, He & She Productions

above & below, KS/AIDS Foundation Houston

above & below, Rascals

above & below, Mary's, Naturally


1984 Clippings

Miscellaneous, early 80's

Above, Babylon...now Numbers; below, Q-1 Leather



AbOUT Magazine liked my pix so much they made a photospread out of them, for the 2014 Pride Issue.