Houston Pride 1982

June 27th
Grand Marshals: Marion Coleman & Andy Mills

Video, 30 min
Video from the Jay Allen Collection

these photos were so not taken as a historian, more so as a sightseer....
unfortunately many folks in the photos did not survive the AIDS years

Photos (first batch) by JD Doyle

My Archives now owns these two banners, from 1982 & 1983....they each are about 12 ft x 4 ft


below, photos with photographer unknown

More by unknown photographer, courtesy of the Botts Collection

A Part of...Not Apart From

Grand Marshals Marion Coleman and Andy Mills


Above and Below, Union Jack, and below right, Community Clowns



Above left, no, that's not Larry Bagneris, but his driver; and on the right is Mr Gay Pride, Mike McAdory with Ms Gay Pride, Rawslyn Ruffin


Montrose Symphonic Band
below, part of GPC float



Above, JR's and Diana's; below, Copa and Monstrose Sports Association


on Copa float, Hot Chocolate and Naomi Sims

Photos below by Joe Watts

above, float from NOLA saluting Houston Pride

Photos below by Donn M

That's the Loading Dock in the background, building with the Westheimer Flea Market sign

below, from Les Elkins
with Marys and Boobie Rock in background

Below, several of TBAG

These courtesy of Eric Muecke

Above front C Patrick McIlvain

Copa float

Union Jack entry

Above center, Colt Thomas, Mr Gay Houston, 1982

Below, Venture-N entry

Caucus voter registration

Rally speakers platform
Above, George Greanias (behind crutch), Kathy Whitmire, Lance Lalor, Dale Gorczynski, Jim Greenwood, Debra Danburg
Below, Rene Rabb, Terry Harris, Larry Bagernis, Lalor, Greanias, Gorcynski, Greenwood, Danburg

Below, Spotts Park Rally (not positive this is from 1982)

1982 Clippings


Mr and Ms Gay Pride, Michael McAdory and Rawslyn Ruffin (both names misspelled in article)