Gay Pride Week 1979
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These photos were borrowed from the Botts Collection, and then digitized,
and are the first ones in color I have seen of this event. They were taken
by Larry Butler. I need some help in identifying many of the people in them
which is why they are numbered. If you can ID someone, please
email me
with the name and photo number. Thanks!

Also, GPW Clippings
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More Pride Parade Photos
And some in black & white

above, probably 1979, TWT staff, Chuck Patrick, Blaise DeStefano and unknown

400    401   402


404   405    406

405 Rev Jeannie Leggett

407   408    409

407 Keith Pringle

410   411   412

413   414


415 Troy Perry, Steve Shiflett, Ray Hill: "Does anyone remember who bought the last round?"

  416   417 

418  419  420

419 Mona Lopez

421   422   423

421 Phyllis Frye

Below, two by photo-journalist Lisa Davis, from Austin History Center


GPC Work Parties & Meetings

424   425

242 Steve Shiflett, at left

426   427

428   429 

430   431

431 Rita Wanstrom

431B  431C

431C (seated) Rita Wanstrom, (standing) Cliff Floeck (he was the lead ASL interpreter, so I suspect he was signing)

432   433

434    435

434 MCC Fellowship Hall; Paul Theall (front row, center, with cowboy hat), Ewa Smith (blonde in glasses and plaid shirt)

MCC Church Service
This is the event in this clipping

clipping: (second row, from right) Pat Conroy, Jerry Tubbs, unknown, Ron Jackson, Joe Grantham, David Talbert


   436 (front row, fourth person) Craig Henderson; (second row, blonde man in white shirt) John Young; (third row, end) Michael Eschweiler; (fourth row) two women are [can't remember] and Laura, then Pat Conroy and Jerry Tubbs, (don't remember next guy), then Ron Jackson, Joe Grantham, and David Talbert; (standing in back) Glenda, Jean "Mac" McMahon, and Maggie Atkins; (three rows back, aisle seat, plaid shirt) Jerry Ozment; (across the aisle, back row, second man) Carl Hayes; (fourth) Richard; (fourth row from back, aisle seat) Nancy and (I think) Chris Chiles (now Christopher Wellington); (two rows up, second and third men) Ken and Van Vansau.

Names above and below, and in many other photos, provided by Virginia Galloway, who was there




437 (starting at organ/piano) Rita Wanstrom, Troy Perry, unknown, Jeannie (who used to be with Annette Beall),
Chuck Larsen, John Kirkland (to right of speaker), Virginia Galloway, Cliff Floeck (signing)


 438 Chuck Larsen and (on dais), John Kirkland, Virginia Galloway, Michael Eschweiler (second from left, second row of choir), Cliff Floeck (signing)


439 Jeannie (at dais), John Kirkland (dark robe), Virginia Galloway (next to him)

440   441   442

440 Rita Wanstrom, 441 Rev Charles Larsen, 442 Jo Crisco

442B   442C   442D

442C (fourth from left) Trish Fry (spouse of Phyllis Fry), Elaine, Virginia Galloway; (right row, third) Davis Raley, Michael Eschweiler

443   444    445


446 Rev Troy Perry, Rita Wanstrom, Rev Charles Larsen

Below, candid shots at Mary's Naturally, June 1979

447   448   449

450   451   452

453  454

455   456

455 on right Rob Johnstone

457   458   459

457 on left, perhaps Otis James

460 460B

459 & 460 Andy Mills, Manager at Mary's


461    462

461 Don Hrachovy, 462 Greer Price

463    464 

463 Larry Bagneris, on left


465 Greer Price and Larry Bagneris

Plus, 1979 March on Washington photos I took

below, miscellaneous, Bambolinos

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