Lonestar Confidential
from "U.S.A. Confidential"
by Jack Lait & Lee Mortimer


In the 1950s the media was rife with "confidential" tabloids,
helping feed the public's need for gossip and scandal, and
Lait and Mortimer wrote volumes of it for many years.
"U.S.A. Confidential" roams from city to city yelling about
the unseemly sides, and that included mention of the
homosexual hangouts of the time.

I have copy-and-pasted just the snippets with gay references in Texas below


Read the entire Texas chapter, and also the snippets
about New Orleans and San Francisco

Read more about Houston's Pink Elephant

The earliest "gay publication" that I have listing bars is
the International Gay Guide, from 1965, and of the bars
mentioned in "USA Confidential," only the
Pink Elephant survived to have an entry there

The Gingham Coffee Shop was located at 1301 Main