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"Honorary GM" morphed into "Ally GM" in 2012, though a number of Honorary GMs
(not voted but chosen) have appeared in recent years





above right, pinback button



below, Pride hankie given out by the Montrose Counseling Center (scan courtesy of Steve Sobota)





The button above right went for $67 on eBay in September 2018, unfortunately not to me


below, coins given out when GMs were announced



above, pinback button




GMs Rick Grossman & Pokey Anderson



above right, Freda Jerrell , Female GM

1985 Shirt, courtesy Doug Barnes



1987 Grand Marshals:
Persons Living With AIDS




Honorary Grand Marshals:
Sharon Kowalski
Harvey Milk







coins tossed during the parade

Honorary Grand Marshals:
Craig Washington
Debra Danburg




Gene Harrington and Jack Jackson

Honorary Grand Marshals:
Katy Caldwell
Lady Victoria Lust (Marvin Davis)


Organizational Grand Marshal: Gay & Lesbian Switchboard of Houston



Organizational Grand Marshal: PFLAG
Honorary Grand Marshal: Adan Rios, MD



Organizational Grand Marshal: Q-Patrol
Honorary Grand Marshal: Clair Koepsel, PHD


logo design by Kirk Baxter


Organizational Grand Marshal: HATCH


Male: Bill Havard, Larry Garrett, Pete Martinez, Ray Martinez
Female: Jeanette Vaughan, Nancy Ford, Mela Contreras, Jackie Doval. Laura Villagran


Jeanette Vaughn, Female Grand Marshal (in photo below)

Honorary Grand Marshal: Constable Jack Abercia
Founders Award: Candace Gringrich



Organizational Grand Marshal: Krewe of Olympus




Organizational Grand Marshal: TGRA


1999 Male nominees: Sean Carter, Coy Tow
1999 Female nominees: Marlene Beago, Nancy Ford, Phyllis Frye, Barbara Walker

logo design by Kirk Baxter


Organizational Grand Marshal: Colt 45s


Honorary Grand Marshal: Don Sinclair
Organizational Grand Marshal: People With AIDS Coalition


2001 Male nominees: Kevin Davidson, Ray Hill, Mitchell Katine, Ralph Lasher, Rusty Mueller (aka Crystal Rae Lee Love)
2001 Female nominees: Janine Brunjes, Dalia Stokes


Honorary Grand Marshals: Blake & Gordon Weisser
Organizational Grand Marshal: PFLAG



Organizational Grand Marshal: Gay & Lesbian Switchboard
Honorary GM: Jane & Irv Smith, of PFLAG


All former Grand Marshals were honored
at the Parade, and rode on a special float


2004 Female nominees: Sonna Alton, Carol Clark, Joan Devlin, Phyllis Frye, Judy Reeves
Male nominees: Jerel B McNeil, Luis Miranda, John Nechman, Vance Nesbitt, Jerry Simoneaux
Hononary nominees: MIke Mizwa, Sue & Jim Null, Rose Smith
Organization nominees: ICOH-Space City Empire, KPFT, Lesbian Health Initiative (LHI),
Stonewall Law Association of Greater Houston, LGRL

(l-r) Jim Null, Honorary GM
Jerry Simoneaux, Male GM
Sonna Alton, Female GM
Sue Null, Honorary GM

Organizational Grand Marshal: Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby (LGRL)



Organizational Grand Marshal: Bayou City Boys Club

Honorary Grand Marshals: Dennis & Evelyn Shave,
of Community Gospel Life Counseling Center

Souvenir Fan
Houston Pride Fan, ~2005
I'm thinking not too many people have one of these, and I'm not sure
when I got it, but it's a battery fan with the Pride logo on it.
They changed their name to Pride Houston in 2005.
Interestingly it will not stand up on its own when off, as the fan part
makes it top heavy, but it does when turned on and that force is
enough to balance it.



"Say it out loud!" was the official logo, and t-shirts that year were sold with two designs

Phyllis Frye, Marilyn Meeker-Williams, Ray Ramirez. and Bunnies on the Bayou



Organizational Grand Marshal: Imperial Court of Houston (ICOH)




Left to right, with their ribbons,
Julie Eberly, AIDS Foundation Houston
Kelly McCann, AIDS Foundation Houston
Dalton DeHart, Community Photographer

Organizational Grand Marshal: AIDS Foundation Houston


Male: Kris Banks, James Knapp, Keith Nappier, John Nechman, Mark Nichols, Mark Timmers, and Jeff Wallace
Female: Fiona Dawson, Cristina Martinez, Julia Oliver, and Carol Wyatt
Ally: Linda and Mike Bratsen, Ann Robison, and Sandy Stacy




2010 Male nominees: Pete Rodriguez, Edward Sanford, Keville Ware, Gary Wood
2010 Female nominees: Delma Cummings, Cristan Williams, Carol Wyatt

Pride Not Prejudice


2010 Celebrity GM was Andy Cohen of Bravo


2011 Male nominees: Nick Brines, Tim Brookover, Bryan Hlavinka, Jeffery Wallace
2011 Female nominees: Arden Eversmeyer, Meghan Stabler, Tammi Wallace



Organizational Grand Marshal: GLBT Community Center

2011 Celebrity GM was Jonathan Lovitz from Logo



Madison Hildebrand was Celebrity Grand Marshal; from the Bravo show Million Dollar Listing
No Organizational award was given


Male nominees: JD Doyle, John Nechman
Female nominees: Gay Nell Gulihur, Liz James, Robin Brown
Ally nominees: Anna Eastman, Januari Leo

Below, KPRC's meterologist Frank Billingsley was Honorary Grand Marshal for 2013

And two Chippendale Dancers, Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, were Celebrity GMs; they were on Amazing Race

2014 Male nominees: Bob Briddick, John Danielson, JD Doyle, Lane Lewis
2014 Female nominees: Cynthia Gorczynski, Judy Reeves
2014 Ally nominees: Fernando Armburo & Sara Walters, Anna Eastman

2014 Celebrity GM was fashion designer Mondo Guerra


2015 Male nominees: Bob Briddick, Ryan Levy
2015 Female nominees: Excalibur Augie, Britt Kornmann, Fran Watson
2015 Ally nominees: Anna Eastman, ?

left to right, Anna Eastman (Ally), Ryan Levy (Male GM), and Britt Kornmann (Female GM)

Local TV personalty Deborah Duncan was Honorary GM


2016 Male nominees: Paul Guillory, Brad Odom-Harris, Brad Prichett, Lou Weaver
2016 Female nominees: Lynette Ross, Melissa Vivanco, Fran Watson
2016 Ally nominees: Dena Gray, Julie Stipeche

Above: Recepients Dena Gray, Fran Watson, Brad Odom-Harris;
Below, flanked by Pride Board members

Above & Below, Imran Yousuf, was a last minute Honorary Grand Marshal selection,
as he was the Orlando Pulse Club bouncer credited with saving the lives of 70 customers
at the massacre on June 12, 2016. Above photo from ABC News, below by JD Doyle.


2017 Male nominees: Lou Weaver, Jack Berger, Bryan Cotton
2017 Female nominees: Sallie Wyatt-Woodell, Monica Roberts
2017 Ally nominees: Aimee Broadhurst

Recipients: Lou Weaver, Sallie Wyatt-Woodell, Aimee Broadhurst

Outsmart article

Plus this year, there are Community Grand Marshals, selected by a committe (rather than public vote)

Tony Carroll (deceased)
Arden Eversmeyer
Marion Coleman

See Outsmart article

History this year:
Lou Weaver is the first trans male Grand Marshal

Sallie Wyatt-Woodell (l) and her wife, Carol (2010), are the first couple in
which both spouses have been named Pride Houston grand marshals.


The Parade will honor All former Grand Marshals, and in addition three Honorary Grand Marshals
Bob Briddick, Josephine Tittsworth and Julie Mabry

Bob BriddickJulie Mabry


Read the 2019 Nominees Bios

Grand Marshal Recipients

Female Grand Marshal Judge Shannon Baldwin
Male Grand Marshal Harrison Guy
Ally Grand Marshal Constable Alan Rosen
Non-Binary Grand Marshal Mike Webb



Queer Voices interviewed Harrison, Shannon and Mike, 21 min. LISTEN

Honorary Grand Marshals

Monica Roberts, Dee Dee Watters, Atlantis Narcisse, Ana Andrea Molina



Above, at Grand Marshal Recption



Tommie Ross, Austin Dexter Williams, Kelsey Reynolds,
Landon Richie, Lillie Schechter, Nikki Araguz Loyd






Melanie Pang, Jacques Bourgeois, Kevin Nguyen, Abbie Kamin
Honorary GM: Kinder HSPA, John Kellett, Vickey Gibbs, Larry Bagneris,
BLM Houston (Brandon Mack, Kandice Webber, Ashton P Woods)

Other Nominees:

Female: Ali Lozano, Isabel Longoria, Kymberlie McGuire
Male: C Patrick McIlvain, Jovon Tyler
Non-Binary: Michael Stewart, Chip Ware
Ally: Chris Hollins


GM Nominees

Toni Moscione
Melissa Vivanco
Isabel Longoria

Christopher Barry
Andred Edmonson
Travis Torrence


Juliann Losey
Matty Gracia
Chip Ware

Danielle Houston
Kailey Posterick
Courtney Sellers


Isabel Longoria

Travis Torrence

Juliann Losey

Danielle Houston

Honorary GM:
Brandon Wolf

Honorary Trendsetter:
Hatch Jr

See Pride 2022 for full details and photos