The Phoenix Room

Some photos, and more to come, but here's two excellent
articles from OutSmart about the room, both by Brandon Wolf,
with Lots of photos

click on each title graphic to read them


above photo by Orlin Cullever

Brian Keever checking out the bar history poster
below, Mary's during Pride, June 1982



Mark DeLange designed this collage of gay publications;
below, Scotty Swoveland recreated the famous Mary's mural

The Eagle and it's Phoenix Room in the News!

Last October (2019) I gave a history talk to five gay travel journalists, from California
and NYC, and their goal was to write articles about what there is to see in Houston.
Several of these have come in and the latest is from the site Trip Savvy, by Lawrence
Ferber. He gave a great shout out to The Eagle and even gave two links to my History
site, Yay! The clipping I show is just part of the thorough piece.
See the full article.

Eagle on Franklin, 2012

below from LUEY program, 2012

Eagle on Milam, 2012


Below, ads from LUEY Programs, 2013


OutSmart, June 2020
The Eagle and other bars reacting to COVID
(Buddies, ReBar, JRs, Tony's Corner Pocket, George's)