Assorted Newsletters & Programs

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected
gay & lesbian newsletters and programs, mostly from Houston. These were smaller,
sometimes single issue publications, and this page in no way represents all that
existed or all of each one in particular. I would love to add more if you can provide access to them.

They are from a variety of sources, including
Gulf Coast Archive & Museum and The Botts Collection,
and I am grateful for their allowing me access.

 Additions are added often, so please check back

GLPC Election News, 1978 - 1999
Pride Organization Newsletters, 1988 - 2001

GLPC Election News

The Caucus has distributed a number
of newspaper editions over the years
to get the word out.

See Caucus History Section

See over 60 Caucus Newsletters

Pride Newsletters

Like the those of the Caucus, the newsletters for Pride also evolved over the years.

See Pride Section

Pride Newsletters

Pride Guides

Miss Gay America Pageant - 1975
Montrose Sports Association - 1980
Pride Awards

Miss Gay America Pageant

Program for 1975, PDF

MSA Softball League

In particular, for the Softball League, part of MSA

MSA Program for 1980 Season, PDF

and Other MSA Newsletters & Programs

Pride Awards
Program 1991

This event held only from 1989 through 1992

1991, PDF

See main Pride section

Mr Southwest Drummer 1984
Archway Newsletter
Paz Y Liberacion (1979-1994)

Mr Southwest Drummer

An event program. It's 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" with a few photos.

Volume 4-23

Archway Newsletter

A newsletter of the Montrose Guest Recovery House. Founded in June 1982, this was a drug and alcohol recovery facility; not sure how long it lasted, but I found this newsletter from June 1984

June 1984, PDF

Paz Y Liberacion

An international newsletter published out of Houston four times a year and in four editions: English, Spanish, Asian, and African/Arab/ Mediterranean. Edited by John Hubert. Begun in 1979, running through at least 1994.

Issue #4, 3/1983, PDF
Issues #16-19, 1989, PDF

Choices - 1983
Catch One - 1983
Brazos River Bottom (BRB) - 1978-2013


Started in 1983 by Carol Beverage, I have only seen copies. Purpose
was to help lesbians network "socially, professionally and personally.

September 1983 PDF
Volume 2-1 3/84,

Catch One

Catch One was a Black gay disco open roughly from January 1982 (perhaps earlier) until July 1984. This is Newsletter Vol 2 #5, June 1983

The BRB reigned supreme among Houston country dance clubs from for 35 years, and apparently in 1992-1993 they had a newsletter. Have no idea when it began or ended, but here are seven issues, called Dirt From the Bottom

1992-93 PDF


Names Project - 1995
Spectrum '95
Garden Party - 1994


The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

A program for the March 30 to April 2, 1995 showing
at the George R Brown Convention Center,
16 pages, PDF


Spectrum '95

The program for the
event Spectrum 95,
held June 18, 1995,

Also see
Spectrum '95 section


Garden Party 1994 ...

... had a very cool Program, PDF

See more on this organization

Southern Country Houston
Texas Bay Area Gays (TBAG) 1979-1983
Houston Wrestling Club

Southern Country Houston was an organization founded in 1991, and dedicated to social, dance and community service activities, with the club still in existence.

Two anniversary programs of dance weekends are shown.

1993 & 1994, PDF




Volume 1, #1, #3, #4
1979 PDF
Volume 2, #1, #2, #3
1980 PDF
Volume 3, #2, #3, #4, #5 1981 PDF
Volume 4, #1, #2, #3,
1982 PDF
Volume 5, #1, #2
1983 PDF

Houston Wrestling Club

Several issues of
their newsletter,
Take Downs,
from 1994-95, PDF

AFH - AIDS Foundation Houston and PWA Coalition
Halloween Magic

For several decades there have been publications dealing with the AIDS crisis. A couple selected issues of Lifeline are shown here.

LIfeline, 93-94, PDF
Lifeline, 96, PDF
PWA Coalition, 94, PDF

Please see this link for more publications and info

Halloween Magic raises funds to distribute to organizations providing services to people affected by HIV/AIDS. It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.


Program 2005, PDF
Article, 2008, PDF

EPAH ( 1978 - present)

Executive and Professional Association of Houston

EPAH, a long-standing social, networking and charity organization, begun in 1978. Before the digital age members received a
printed newsletter,

Anniversary Programs

20 Year Anniv PDF
25 Year Anniv PDF


1991--09,10 PDF
1998--05,07,11 PDF
1999--02,08, PDF
2001-10 PDF
2003--04,08,11 PDF


2004--01,02 PDF
2004--04,06 PDF
2004-- 09,10 PDF
2006--06 PDF
2008--03-06-07-08-09-10-11-12 PDF
2009--01-02-05 PDF

Miss Camp America
Bering Community Service Foundation
Bering Columns

Miss Camp America
had a long run as a social and service organization, from 1969 to 2005; an annual highlight was the MCA Pageant

More info at this link, plus a number of their programs

Bering Community Service Foundation is not a gay organization per se but with the onset of AIDS and founded in 1986, a vital one. It became Bering Omega in 1999, and Avenue 360 in 2016.
See this link
Feb 95 PDF, Dec 96 PDF
Jul 97 PDF Apr 98, PDF
Jun 98 PDF

Bering Memorial United Methodist Church


Feb 2002, Apr 2006, PDF


Body Positive - 1989 to 2005
Lesbian Health Intiative, LHI - 1992+
Body Positive

A support and service organization for the needs of HIV positive individuals, founded in 1989. Positively was their newsletter. In 2000 they merged with the Montrose Clinic, which in 2005 became Legacy Community Health Services.

1989-06,0710,12 PDF
09,11,12 PDF
07,09,10,11,12 PDF
1991-06-08 PDF
08,09,10,11 PDF
08,10,11,12 PDF
1994-04,09 PDF
1995-09 PDF

Founded in 1992, the mission of LHI is to promote women's health in the LGBT commity. Now, with offices in the Montrose Center, and still active.


A Few Newsletters

2001 PDF
2005 PDF
2006-2007 PDF
2009 PDF
2012 PDF

Assistance Fund - 1988 to 2005
Integrity/Houston or Interact
Integrity Houston, Episcopal

Assistance Fund

Founded in 1988 they pay medical insurance bills for HIV people until they qualify for their own coverage. See Legacy

9312, 9608, 9611 PDF
9807, 9908 PDF

Integrity/Houston was unfortunately the name of two different organizations from 1974 through 1981. The first I/H founded in 1970 as a social/service organization and the Episcopal organization started in 1974. The service group finally had enough and in 1981 changed its name to Interact Houston. I have sections with newsletters and more information on both organizations.

Integrity Houston--Episcopal
Dignity 1984


Program for 10-Year Anniversary Event


Plus see this page
for newsletters
spanning 1981-2006

Starting in 1972 the Metropolitan Community Church of course has had many publications.

Pulse 02/99-06/99, PDF
Pulse 03/05, PDF
Pulse 06/03-04, PDF

Program 1995, PDF
Program 1997, PDF
Program 1998 Anniv PDF
Program 1998, PDF
More info...

Community Alliance of Houston
Lesbian & Gay Rights Lobby of Texas
Log Cabin Republicans

Community Alliance of Houston was formed in late 1987, with apparently
the same mission as the GPC, and lasted through 1990.

Vol 1 #1, Apr 1988, PDF
General, 1988, PDF

See More Info


LGRL, 1987, in 2006 morphed into Equality Texas.

Extensive LGRL Info

Newsletters, 3 from
90-91, PDF
Summer 1996, PDF
Nov 1996, PDF

Log Cabin Republicans Houston & Texas
Houston LCR 9502 PDF
9504, PDF; 9507, PDF 9508, PDF
9509-10-11, PDF
9512, PDF
9602-03-08, PDF
96-10-12, 9709, PDF
98 Fall, PDF

Texas LCR, 96, PDF
97, 98 PDF

NOW at the University of Houston (these issues, 1981-1985)


NOW at the U of H

1981, PDF
1982, PDF


NOW at the U of H
Feminist Perspective

Jun-Dec 1984, PDF
Jan-Jun 1985, PDF


Clipping, 1986, PDF


NOW at the U of H

Jan, Mar, Sep 1983, PDF


Texas Human Rights Foundation (THRF)
American Gay & Lesbian Atheist
Chamber News

Founded in 1977 by Robert "Mort" Schwab, the THRF was devoted to protecting the human rights of GLBT Texans, lasting through 1992.

Annual Report 1981, PDF

See this link
and this one

See Robert Schwab Awards 1995, PDF

The American Gay & Lesbian Atheist

A national organization, started in 1983 and based in Houston, as was its controversial founder Don Sanders.

See Special Section, with many newsletters & clippings

Chamber News

Newsletter of the Greater Houston Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
It lasted until 2008. More.

Newsletters 1996, PDF
Newsletters 1997, #1, #2
Newsletters 1998, PDF
Newsletters 1999, PDF
Newsletters, 2000-01, PDF
Empower98, PDF
Empower99, PDF
Link for new 2016 org

Texas Gay Rodeo Association
Montrose Activity Center
Agora Newsletter


The rodeo rotates around Texas and had been held in Houston five times

See coverage at
this link

had a couple reincarnations and the one from 1987 to 1993 had newsletters

See the history and newsletter collection

Agora was a project to "promote accurate images of gays and lesbians in the media," and its representatives included Annise Parker and other community leaders. I believe it lasted only 1-2 years.

Jul1993, PDF
Jan1994-Jul1994, PDF
Oct 1994, + more info PDF

Houston Outdoor Group

Houston Outdoor Group

Founded in 1984, this group continues to be active, though I do not know how long a newsletter was printed.


1997 Flyer

Various HOG Newsletters

Nov 1994, PDF
1998, PDF
2001, PDF
2002, PDF
2003, PDF
2004, PDF
2005, PDF
2006-2007, PDF

PFLAG, offering support, education and advocacy since 1978

See PFLAG section

9507-9512, PDF
9601-9604-07, PDF
97 all, PDF
9803-12 PDF
9902-9904-07, PDF

Additional Women's Newsletters may be found in the Women's Publication Section
such as Womynspace, Wand and Choices

Bayou City Performing Arts
Gay Hispanic Caucus - 1978

Starting as the Montrose singers in 1979 and now the Gay Men's Chorus. See a Large Section on them and these samples of their Newsletters

1995 PDF
2000 PDF
2004 PDF

Gay Hispanic Caucus

An offshoot in 1978 of Town Meeting I, to foster activism in the gay Latin community

80, 82, 83, 85 PDF



Noticias, 87 Jun PDF
  Noticias, 88 Sep PDF 


April 1991/May 1992 PDF
Sep-Dec 1994 PDF 

GLBVA - 2002
Steven's House - 1994 - 1999
Montrose Clinic

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Veterans of America

Founded in 2002, the Houston chapter is part of a National organization

2002 PDF

Founded in 1994 as a residence for people with HIV/AIDS, it lasted until around 2004, when the Board decided to give the house to another AIDS agency.

The newsletter I have is
Vol 5-1, Spring 1999, PDF


Health & Hope was a newsletter of the Montrose Clinic, a decades old organization. In 2005 they became Legacy Community Health Services.

Nov 1998, PDF

Q Patrol Streetbeat 1994
LoneStar 10 Motorcycle Run, 1994
Houston Bears 1993

Q Patrol Streetbeat

Q Patrol existed from
1991 to about 2002;
not sure how many newsletters existed

9405, PDF

See Q-Patrol Section

LoneStar 10

Motorcycle Run


Houston Bears

A 501c3 charitable and social organization founded in 1993, based in Houston, serving the greater Houston area. Our membership transcends gender, race, age and ethnicity to include bears, cubs, otters, admirers and other allies to the Bear Community.

Newsletters for Mar, Aug, Sep 2005, PDF





Pat Rocco's newsletter, lasting about 12 years, Hollywood. Lots of photos and celebrities.
I have selections from about eight issues...

At This Link

SPREE is Society of Pat Rocco Enlightened Enthusiasts
























 Additions are added often, so please check back