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1976 - the Present

See "The History of the LGBT Movement in Austin"
and Austin LGBT History

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected gay & lesbian publications, mostly from Austin. This is by no means all of the ones that existed, just the ones to which I had access, and all are rare and interesting. If you can provide other issues of these and similar publications for scanning purposes, please contact me. I am displaying these in roughly year order. Access to these publications is courtesy of the University of Houston LGBT Special Collections and the University of Texas San Antonio Libraries Special Collections. Additional references from Austin History Center.

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Gay Austin, 1976-1979

Gay Austin

Early newspaper, from 1976 until Summer 1979, with page lengths seeming to vary with each issue. From U of H Digital Library.

The Austin History Center has 30 issues.

Vol 1-1, 7606, PDF

Vol 1-2, 7608, PDF

Vol 1-10, 7706, PDF

Vol 2-1, 7909, PDF

Vol 2-4, 7712, PDF
Vol 2-5, 7801, PDF

Vol 2-8, 7805, PDF

Vol 2-9, 7807, PDF

Vol 2-10, 7808, PDF
Vol 3-1, 7809, PDF

Vol 3-2, 7811, PDF
Vol 3-7, 7904, PDF

Vol 3-8, 7905, PDF
Vol 3-9-79summer, PDF


After the summer,
Gay Austin
Connections, according to a reference at
Austin History Center

AustinDyke, 1979
Lone Star Lesbians, 1977


This valiant effort, by Marie, Dheena & Kathy, lasted 13 issues, from July 1979 to Sept 1980. Good quality but like they said in their last issue, it was like dropping stones into a well, and never hearing a splash.

Here are the first and last issues, courtesy of the Austin History Center, which was also the source of LSL.

Vol 1-1, 7/23/79, PDF

Vol 2-9, Sept 80, PDF

Lone Star Lesbians

With the impetus from Texas Gay Conference IV, this quite political newsletter was formed. First issue was Nov 1977 and second issue May 1978, so...big gap; unsure if others followed.

First two issues, PDF

Connections, 1979-1981


Published by the Gay Community Services of the YMCA. From late 1979 until mid-1981, ending Jan 1983. Publisher Jim Olinger.

These from U of H Digital Library. The Austin History Center has 20 issues.

Vol 1-1, 7911, PDF
Vol 2-1, 7912, PDF

Vol 2-2, 8002, PDF
Vol 2-3, 8003, PDF

Vol 2-4, 8004, PDF
Vol 2-5, 8005, PDF

Vol 2-6, 8006, PDF
Vol 2-7, 8007, PDF

Vol 2-9, 8009, PDF
Vol 2-10, 8010, PDF

Vol 2-11, 8011, PDF
Vol 3-1, 8101, PDF

Vol 3-2, 8102, PDF
Vol 3-3, 8103, PDF

Vol 3-4, 8104, PDF
Vol 3-6, 8106, PDF


Austin Lesbian Organization
Newletters #3 to #6, 1975

Two Dykes & Others
Charming newsletter by Ann Azolakov and Anne Peticolas, Nov 1977, PDF

Goodbye to All That

Lesbian / Feminist paper,
from 1975-1978

The Austin History
has issues
Aug 75 to Jan 78


Austin Lambda Newsletter (1980 ~ 1988)

Austin Lambda

Begun in Sept 1979. I have only seen these four issues but believe it ran through 1989. A community project.

From U of H Digital Library.

Vol 15, 8011, PDF

Vol 16, 8012, PDF

Vol 17, 8101, PDF




Vol ?, 8807, PDF

From a reference at the Austin History Library, this publication ran from 1979-1989

The Star - Austin / San Antonio

Henry McClurg, publisher of the Montrose Star and other Houston papers, was trying to expand to other cities. A venture covering Austin and San Antonio
lasted at least until May 1984. They claimed a circulation of 4000. See This Link for more of his empire. Scans courtesy of U of H LGBT Resource Center

Vol 1, 11/11/83, PDF
Vol 2, 11/25/83, PDF

Vol 3, 12/09/83, PDF
Vol 4, 12/23/83, PDF

Vol 5, 01/06/84, PDF
Vol 6, 01/20/84, PDF

Vol 7, 02/03/84, PDF
Vol 8, 02/17/84, PDF

Vol 9, 03/02/84, PDF
Vol 10, 03/23/84, PDF

Vol 11, 04/13/84, PDF
Vol 12, 04/27/84, PDF
Vol 13, 05/11/84, PDF

Austin Mirror (1986-1987)

Austin Mirror

Another newspaper covering Austin from late 1985 until June 1989. Ran by Shannon McCullough and Nicolai Loutchaninoff, and very entertainment oriented. Courtesy of the U of H Digital Library.

The Austin History Center has 23 issues.

Vol 1-7, 02/06/86, PDF

Vol 1-14, 03/6/87, PDF

Vol 1-15, 04/03/87, PDF

Vol 1-16, 04/10/87, PDF

Vol 1-18, 04/17/87, PDF
Vol 1-19, 04/24/87, PDF

Texas Triangle (1992-2004)

Texas Triangle

Based in Austin, and published by Kay Longcope, this statewide paper began 10/15/92, and had rough years, before being bought by Angle Media in 1997. But still, a major force statewide.
See this page.

Fag Rag (Austin, 1993-96)

Vol 36, 5/26/94, PDF

Fag Rag

At least the third publication by this name, this bi-weekly Austin-based one was also distributed in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, adding Dallas before folding in 1996. Measuring 7 1/2x8 1/2" it grew to 10 1/2" tall at the end of 1994 with #50

The Austin History Center has 55 issues

Vol 59, 4/13/95, PDF
Vol 60, 4/26/95, PDF

Vol 62, 5/26/95, PDF

Vol 69, 9/01/95, PDF
Vol 70, 9/15/95, PDF

Vol 94, 8/16/96, PDF

Shout, 2004 - 2007 (Austin, San Antonio)
Q Monthly Magazine, 2006-07 (Austin)


A project of Editor/ Publisher Rob Faubion. It lasted from late 2004 through late 2007, based out of Austin and serving Central Texas gay market. Size was 8 1/2x11

See Special Section
on Shout

#1, Oct 2006, PDF

Q Monthly Magazine

Slick pub begun October 2006 by Austin radio/media maestro Chase Martin.
Size was 8 1/2x11

Chase Martin

#2, May 2007, PDF
Second and last issue.

In2It, 2006 (Austin)


Slim bar rag based out
of Austin with statewide coverage, usually 15-20 pages, more pocket
sized, 5" x 8."

Editor & Publisher was Rob Faubion. It appears last issue of
In2It was #8, 7/28/06.

After the first month of
In2It TWT restarted so
the market was too hard

Vol 1, #1, 05/26/06, PDF
Vol 1, #2, 06/02/06, PDF

Vol 1, Issues 3-4-5, PDF


Vol 1, issues 7-8, PDF

Austin Zines:  GenderBent & Vanilla Milkshake
The Republiq, 2014

Two Austin Zines:

Vanilla Milkshake
(Jun 1991) PDF


(Aug 2008) PDF

Courtesy of the
site QZAP


The Republiq

Another Austin venture from Chase Martin, connected with a wider media presence at which is still active. The site showed one issue, May 2014 (PDF) for a magazine, but not known if there was also a print edition, or if there were other issues. It remains as net only.

A College Thesis...

Austin Lesbian Gay Civil Rights,
1970-1982, by
Eric Jason Ganther

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Cruise Magazine
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