ONE the Homosexual Viewpoint
1953 - 1972
Courtesy of the One Archives at USC Libraries
Scanned from my own collection

The One, Inc., which took its name from Thomas Carlyle's statement that "A mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one,"
was founded in LA in 1952 as a homophile organization with connections to the Mattachine Society. As the first pro-gay journal
of its kind, it serves as an important source for pre-Stonewall homophile studies. In 1954 the US Post Office declared it obscene,
leading to a four-year legal battle (chronicled in its pages) that concluded with a favorable decision as part of Roth vs. United
States. Aside from its articles covering topics ranging from the Beatniks and Gay marriage to homosexuality and national
security, One Magazine also featured poetry and short fiction by numerous prominent authors. (Description from Bolerium Books)

What's in ONE? My friend Tyler Alpern has compiled an extensive index for that on his site.
And the site Independent Voices has 93 of the 173 issues for viewing online, plus Many other more obscure publications.
Plus, the USC Digital Library has a complete set online.
Their displays are different but you may like them better.
Plus, here's some coverage on ONE in the tabloid press in August 1954



first year,
6"x7" issues


1953 Index




remaining years,
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"


1954 Index



No Issues for
Aug & Sep






1956 Index

Apr & May
Combined Issue

Jun & Jul
Combined Issue


Aug & Sep
Combined Issue


Oct & Nov
Combined Issue




1957 Index



Jun & Jul
Combined Issue


Aug & Sep
Combined Issue


Oct & Nov
Combined Issue




1958 Index





1959 Index






1964 Index



Richard Conger became editor with the May issue, after the split

(Jan-Jun from USC)

1965 Index



With the June issue it went from 32 to 16 pages and a cheaper paper stock; also many rerun articles


1966 Index


Apr & May
Combined Issue



16-page issues



Jul to Dec
Combined Issue



After a gap of four years Richard Conger and Jim Kepner again began publishing One in
8 1/2"x11" format, lasting four bimonthly issues


Combined Issues
Jan & Feb
Mar & Apr
May & Jun
Jul & Aug

slick paper
again used

In May of 1965 Editor Don Slater and some of the staff broke away from ONE, and they thought they could continue publishing the magazine under that name, and did so from May through August. Then a judge ruled they could they changed their name and their magazine to Tangents.
So, technically for those four months there were dueling issues of ONE (though fortunately the title graphic was different)



Tangents lasted through March 1970

Most (26) of the Tangent issues available here

There were other publications associated with ONE:  ONE Confidential; ONE Institute Quarterly, Homophile Studies; ONE Letter; and Mattachine Review


The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries in Los Angeles is the largest repository of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) materials in the world. They have examples of their collection of ONE in a wall display. I took this photo in 2004, and it inspired me to do this page, to let people soak in the the visuals of this history.


Above right, 30 Year Celebration Program (click to view)


Mattachine Review

There are many sources online where you may find many more issues digitized.
More on the Mattachine Society.

Mattachine Review

While I own a bound set,
I only have a few single copies...

5501 PDF
5710 PDF
5801 PDF
5810 PDF
5903 PDF
6111 PDF

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I prepared a special section...

The ONE Supreme Court Case, 1958