1969 - 1974

"Gay" was edited by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols, and published by Jim Buckley and Al Goldstein (of "Screw" Magazine) and their Four Swords, Inc.
out of New York City, and
has been called the first weekly national gay publication. A large, left-folded newspaper containing 20 (sometimes 24)
pages (11" x 17", switching to 11" x 14" @#106) including front and rear covers.
Beginning as a biweekly, for a time (@#11 to #34) it went weekly and
then toward the end (@#105) it was a monthly.

Jack Nichols was especially active as a co-founder of the Mattachine Society of Washington and was one of the first gay Americans to appear on a
TV special on Homosexuality, on CBS in 1967.
Clarke was murdered in Mexico in 1975.

The is a historic underground gay liberation publication containing fabulous articles, news, artwork, history, photographs, classifieds, and vintage
advertisements. The paper covered lots of national gay news and was a good cultural look at our early beginnings. A very detailed index of 15 of the
issues can be found at "
Tyler and Brad's Index to Early Gay Publications & Periodicals."

Comments: The publication contained frequent frontal nudity, and yes, Bette was on the cover three times. Regular columnist included Randy Wicker,
Dick Leitsch, Angelo d'Archangelo and others. The larger scans were done from the 35 issues from my own archives.
I thank my friend Katrina Rose
for pointing me to the other actual PDF files, that were scanned a bit smaller.

Gay-1-1-1969/1201, PDF
Review: The Homosexual Handbook

Gay-1-2-1969/1215, PDF
Randy Wicker Writes

Gay-1-3-1969/1231, PDF
Frank Kameny elected to
ACLU Board; Zebedy Colt

Gay-1-4-1970/0119 PDF
Landmarks for Lushes

Gay-1-5-1970/0202 , PDF
Billy Graham Gay Shopping

Gay-1-6-19700216, PDF
British Film History

Gay-1-7-1970/0301, PDF
Court Throws Out TX Sodomy Law / Christine Jorgensen

Gay-1-8-1970/0315, PDF
W.H Auden

Gay-1-9-1970/0329, PDF
Troy Perry / Barney's Beanery

Gay-1-10-1970/0413, PDF
Boys In The Band film / Zebedy Colt / Snake Pit Raid

Gay-1-11-1970/0420, PDF
Ed Koch on Bar Raids,
Troy Perry, Donald Webster Cory / now a Weekly

Gay-1-12-1970/0427, PDF
Kameny, Gittings

Gay-1-13-1970/0504, PDF
Lauren Bacall, NYC Bars

Gay-1-14-1970/0511, PDF
GAA Confronts Lindsay:
Don Slater Interview;
Jack Baker Interview

Gay-1-15-1970/0518, PDF
Fresh: Rough Trade Rock;
More Jack Baker Interview

Gay-1-16-1970/0525, PDF
Jorgensen Bio Pic;
Julian Eltinge

Gay-1-17-1970/0601, PDF
Pat Rocco,The Ladder

Gay-1-18-1970/0608, PDF
Drag Queens Unite

Gay-1-19-1970/0615, PDF
Myra Breckinridge film


Gay-1-20-1970/0622, PDF
Amsterdam, Provincetown

Gay-1-21-1970/0629, PDF
Stonewall, a Year Later

Gay-1-22-19700/706, PDF
Atlantic City; The Screw Trial

Gay-1-23-1970/0713, PDF
Bella Abzug Wins Primary

Gay-1-24-1970/0720, PDF
Christopher St Parade

Gay-1-25-1970/0727, PDF
Christopher St West;
Christine Jorgensen

Gay-1-26-1970/0803, PDF
Gore Vidal; Cherry Grove

Gay-1-27-1970/0810, PDF
Mr Fire Island 1970

Gay-1-28-1970/0817, PDF
C Jorgensen Interview Pt 1

Gay-1-29-1970/0824, PDF
C Jorgensen Interview Pt 2

Gay-1-30-1970/0831, PDF
GAA News

Gay-1-31-1970/0907, PDF
More on GAA

Gay-1-32-1970/0914, PDF
Black Panthers Support
Gay Lib

Gay-1-33-1970/0921, PDF
Greenwich Village Riots

Gay-1-34-1970/0928, PDF
Is Agnew's son gay?

Gay-1-35-1970/1012, PDF
More, Is Agnew's son gay?
GAA zaps Lindsay

Gay-1-36-1970/1026, PDF
Cavafy's poetry

Gay-1-37-1970/1109, PDF
NY Candidates come out for gay rights

Gay-1-38-1970/1123, PDF
Radclyffe Hall; GAA zaps Mayor Lindsay

Gay-2-1-1970/1207, PDF
Christopher Street Beat

Gay-2-40-1970/1221, PDF
Cornell U GLF Sit-In

Gay-2-41-1971/0104, PDF
Boys in the Band Pan

Gay-2-42-1971/0118, PDF
Dick Cavett show has GAA, Mattachine guests

Gay-2-43-1971/0201, PDF
Walt Whitman; Morris Kight

Gay-2-44-1971/0215, PDF
First NYC Hearings held on discrimination

Gay-2-45-1971/0301, PDF
GAA Targets Board of Education

Gay-2-46-1971/0315, PDF
Dr Kameny runs for Congress

Gay-2-47-1971/0329, PDF
Jack Baker speaks to MN
high school class

Gay-2-48-1971/0412, PDF
3000 March on Albany
NYC Club Baths Opens

Gay-2-49-19710426, PDF
Kameny Ends Campaign

Gay-2-50-1971/0510, PDF
Jack Baker elected first gay pres at U Minn

Gay-2-51-1971/0524, PDF
The Gay Militants

Gay-2-52-1971/0607, PDF
Rudgers U hold gay conference

Gay-2-53-1971/0621, PDF
Mart Crowley

Gay-2-54-1971/0705, PDF
NYC Gay Pride Week

Gay-2-55-1971/0719, PDF
Gay Artists

Gay-2-58-1971/0830, PDF
Rae Bourbon Dead
Edward Carpenter

Gay-2-59-19710913, PDF
Rae Bourbon Tribute

Gay-2-60-1971/0927, PDF
Guild Guide Publisher
Dr Womack Jailed

Gay-2-56-1971/0802, PDF
Dallas: Librarians Get To
"Kiss a Homosexual"

Gay-2-57-1971/0816, PDF
Largest Bay Bar Raids in History

Gay-2-61-1971/1011, PDF
Kameny's Security
Clearances Reinstated!

Gay-2-62-1971/1025, PDF
Merle Miller

Gay-2-63-1971/1108, PDF
TC Jones is dead
David Susskind hosts gays
Womack out on bond

Gay-2-64-1971/1122, PDF
TC Jones Tribute
Intro 475 hearings begin--
would bar discrimination

Gay-3-65-1971/1206, PDF
Ginsberg & Orlovsky at NYU

Gay-3-66-1971/1220, PDF
Intro 475 hearings continue
On Impressionist Arthur Blake

Gay-3-67-1972/0110, PDF
Surburban "Stonewall" shakes Long Island; Oscar Wilde

Gay-3-69-1972/0124, PDF
More Intro 475 Hearings

Gay-3-69B-1972/0207, PDF
Photographer Baron Von Gloeden

Gay-3-70-1972/0221, PDF
City Council kills Intro 475
Walt Whitman; Bobby Short

Gay-3-71-1972/0306, PDF
Police entrapments;
GAA Update; One Inc's 20th

Gay-3-72-1972/0320, PDF
Gay American plans for 1972 elections

Gay-3-73-1972/0403, PDF
Everard Baths burned
Holly Woodlawn

Gay-3-74-1972/0417, PDF
The King who was a Queen

Gay-3-75-1972/0501, PDF
Lindsay reintroduces Intro 475

Gay-3-76-1972/0515, PDF
book: Gay Crusaders
Jackie Curtis Interview

Gay-3-77-1972/0529, PDF
Gay Lib Meets the Homophobes

Gay-3-78-1972/0612, PDF
Masked Dr speaks to American Psychiatric Assn

Gay-3-79-1972/0626, PDF
Gay Pride Week

Gay-3-80-1972/0710, PDF
Nichols & Clarke book
Philly Gay Pride

Gay-3-81-1972/0724, PDF
Christopher Street Liberation Day 1972

Gay-3-82-1972/0807, PDF
On Bette Midler

Gay-3-83-1972/0821, PDF
Mattachine Marches On

Gay-3-84-1972/0904, PDF
Mattachine NY Update

Gay-3-85-1972/0918, PDF

Gay-3-86-1972/1002, PDF
Virginia's Gay Communities Organize

Gay-3-87-1972/1016, PDF
McGovern Supports Gay Rights

Gay-3-88-1972/1030, PDF

Gay-3-89-1972/1113, PDF
Real Gays on TV
Sandy Baron's Gay LP

Gay-3-90-1972/1127, PDF
The Trucks Issue; Cabaret

Gay-3-91-1972/1211, PDF
NY Sex Therapy Clinic

Gay-4-92-1972/1225, PDF
Michael Greer

Gay-4-93-1973/0115, PDF
1972 Review

Gay-4-94-1973/0129, PDF
Bruce Voeller Elected GAA President

Gay-4-95-1973/0212, PDF
More Bette Midler

Gay-4-96-1973/0226, PDF
Lance Loud

Gay-4-97-1973/0312, PDF
Esther Newton's "Mother Camp"

Gay-4-98-1973/0326, PDF
Madeline Davis

Gay-4-99-1973/0409, PDF
Stonewall Myth

Gay-4-100-1973/0423, PDF
Parents of Gays Organize

Gay-4-101-1973/0507, PDF
Psychiatric Ass'n on Gays

Gay-4-102-1973/0521, PDF

Gay-4-103-1973/0604, PDF
More Intro 475

Gay-4-104-1973/0618, PDF
Mark Segal Attacks Mike Douglas

Gay-4-105-1973/07, PDF
Now a Monthly; Editor
Jack Nichols Resigns

Gay-4-106-1973/08, PDF
Sylvia Rivera; Gay Day '73

Gay-4-107-1973/09, PDF

Gay-4-108-1973/10, PDF

Gay-4-109-1973/11, PDF
Vito Russo; Jack Baker

Gay-5-110-1974/01, PDF
Still More Bette Midler

Gay-5-111-1974/02, PDF
Mass Murder in Houston

Gay-5-112-1974/03, PDF
Gotham, Steven Grossman

Gay-5-113-1974/06, PDF
Last Issue

Editors & Partners
Lige Clarke (2/22/42 - 2/10/75)
Jack Nichols (3/16/38 - 5/2/05)