Texas Gay Conferences
1974 - 1982

Before Anita Bryant lit the spark in 1977 that jump started the gay movement around the country, activism did exist and
one example in Texas was a series of conferences.
The Texas Gay Conference was formed in late 1973 and was held
annually through 1982, rotating in different cities around the state to organize political activism. Conferences featured
national speakers and workshops on a variety of subjects. I am pleased to present many of the conference programs
and associated clippings. For the 1979 conference I have a page of photos. A lot of Texas gay and lesbian history can
be found in the programs, which are courtesy of the Botts Collection.
Click on "PDF" to view or download the programs


TGC-I-06/21/74, PDF

TGC I was sponsored by the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex Gay Council, and was held in Fort Worth.

Featured speakers included
Barbara Gittings
Frank Kameny
Rev. Freda Smith, MCC Sacramento

The conference experienced major police harrassment when officers were observed taking down automobile license plate information of attendees, which was turned over to the police vice and intelligence departments. This was followed up by protests by the ACLU and various gay groups.

TCC-II & III-06/75-76, PDF

San Antonio hosted the second TGC and it
was attended by more than 150 people
from across the state.

Featured speakers included
Morris Kight, Los Angeles
Carolyn Innes, Gay Nurses Alliance

Workshops led by
Janna Zumbrun, Pokey Anderson,
Dennis Milam,
Rev Bob Shivers, and others

TCC-II & III-06/75-76, PDF

Held in Houston, June 18-20, 1976.

Featured speakers included
Jean O'Leary, NGTF
Vito Russo, with film presentation

TGC-IV-6/18/77, PDF

Austin, June 18-19, 1977

Featured speakers
Ken Cyr, Houston
Ray Hill, Houston
Janna Zumbrun

TGC-V-6/9/78, PDF

Dallas, June 10-11, 1978

Featured speakers
Don Amador, author & activist
Kathy Deitsch, Texas Gay Task Force
Harvey Milk, San Francisco
Ginny Apuzzo, Gay Rights National Lobby

and there was a showing and discussion
of the 1978 documentary "Gay U.S.A."

TGC-VI-8/17/79, PDF

Austin, August 17-19, 1979

Featured speakers
Leonard Matlovich
Pat Bond, actress, activist
Lucia Valeska, NGTF

The programs give a history up to that
point of Texas Gay Conference

Photos from the conference

TGC-VII-10/17/80, PDF

Denton, October 17-19, 1980

Featured speakers
Deralyn Davis, Tx Democratic Party
Morris Kight, Los Angeles activist
Steve Wilkins, Dallas

based on a last minute decision by the
Texas Gay Task Force, this conference had
the disadvantage of having only three
months of planning before the date

TGC-VIII-9/4/81, PDF

Houston, September 4-6, 1981

Featured speakers
Patricia Nell Warren, author
Jack Nichols, Atlanta activist
Disco Grandma Mary Thelma Hansen

Workshops presented by
Larry Bagneris, Kent Naasz,
Mort Schwab, Phyllis Frye,
Lee Harrington, Barbara Cignaro,
Ray Hill and others

Had a special issue on TGC#8

Volume 1-2, 8/81, PDF

TGC-IX-9/3/82, PDF

Houston, September 3-5, 1982

Featured speakers
Debra Danburg, State Rep.
Harry Britt, SF Supervisor
Janna Zumbrun, Austin activist

Workshops presented by
Ray Hill, Kent Naasz, Aaron Fricke (author),
Dr Peter Mansell, Danny Villa,
Michael McAdory
Tony Carroll, Phyllis Frye, and others







The 1982 Texas Gay Conference was the last of that format, and one more event was held the next year.




This ad ran in the classifieds section of TWT until January 18, 1985,
apparently marking the end of the organization