Max Angst
in the
Montrose Voice

and Houston Forum
and Out In Texas

In 1981 the Montrose Voice began running comics
by "Max Angst," obviously an assumed name, and
I think they captured some of the spirit of the culture
of the 80s. By late 1986 the strip switched
to the Houston Forum.

This is a very partial collection,
as I've not (yet) had access to all issues run,
but I wanted to share what I have.
I've tried to do research on who "Max" was, but
came up dry, so if anyone can help, please let me know.

And no, these are not of the calibre of Donelan, but
as they were local they found a home on this site.


Not all copies of the Voice were available,
so this is not a complete collection





















































below, in the
Houston Forum
as with the Voice, I did not
have access to every issue,
so this is not a complete collection










the paper was renamed Texas Forum during 1987








These ran in another McClurg publication, Out in Texas, in 1983