Montrose Activity Center
and a some history beyond, of the Houston Gay & Lesbin Community Center
Also See: Montrose Activity Center Newsletter

After Montrose Gaze the next gay & lesbian community was called MAC, and it also
struggled through its existence. Here are the clippings I found telling about it.

First, below (from 1989) is a good summary of the history up to that time.

The article below looks back on the first couple years of MAC,
including a successful benefit musical done in April 1977.
You can read the program for it at this PDF


This donation came at a time when the Montrose Counseling Center was about to go under
financially. It survives today as a vital organization in our community, shortening its name
in early 2013 to Montrose Center.

meanwhile, in 1986


Then 1987....

What happened next?

See Montrose Activity Center Newsletter




photo courtesy of Frank Parsley





photo courtesy of Frank Parsley



In Summary...

On March 22, 1996 the Houston GLBT Community Center was founded...
below, the story at its 15th anniversary in 2011, with the events put
together nicely by Brandon Wolf

The center had a website, at but the last update I was
able to find for it (below, using the Wayback Machine) was March 2012, (see below), and I believe
it closed at that time. The Center's last Director Tim Brookover died on June 10, 2013.