JD's Facebook Jail

How I Got There

or, my scandalous posts that offended the algorithms

In order of most recent.....


above....ridiculous, they picked a post almost two years old, and a day later said they were sorry

above, one I posted just fine in 2016 and 2018

and they said "sorry we got it wrong" and let me out of jail


below, 9/8/18

above, part of a series, from the 1963 magazine below

I used to be able to post "butt shots" ....no more

and there were some posts, that I had posted in the past, with no problem...
they came up on my memory section for the day, and I figured it was okay
to post last time, so I'll post it again......nope

Visible Penis Lines (VPL)

I had several posts tha contained the word "Faggot," but they just search for words, not content...

no, posting about our history is not hate speech!

okay, the one below was poor judgement, a bit too much testicle