Briar Patch

A long-time Houston bar, from September 1970 until the Spring of 2005.
It was known for its piano bar atmosphere and older crowd.

The ad above, from September 26, 1980, noted a 10th anniversary celebration,
but the earliest ad I could find was from TWT, in April 26, 1975.








Jerry Kauffman Obituary


And, there's a bit of video, posted by owner David Ellzey

Below, click to view

and, another video clip

Apparently by June 2003 it had moved to 2313 Crocker

There was very little advertizing after this point. The last listing of the Briar Patch
I found in the local gay publications was 2/4/05. It had disappeared from those listings
by June 2005. I could find no reference to a closing date.