Brazos River Bottom, BRB
2400 Brazos

But first, courtesy of Robert Harwood, here is a video
taken at the BRB shortly before its closing in March 2013

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Three bars preceded the BRB in that location...

The first gay bar I found at that address was the Spur,
or Golden Spur, which lasted until May 1975....


followed by Adam's Image, in October 1975

it was lasted listed in the TWT Guide on 2/7/76

and then in May 1976 Levi's opened




Finally, in Feb 1978, the Brazos River Bottom opened
















The Closing, March 2013...just over 35 years

and, after a thorough renovation, it's (sigh) a straight bar, The Gaslamp

But the tradition continues, just in another part of town...

Some of the BRB owners, and others opened Neon Boots,
on Hemstead Highway