Gay & Lesbian Bookstores
(that actually sold books)

Inklings, & Others

Lobo Book Shop
Wilde 'N' Stein Books
Crossroads Market


1988 - 1997

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Pokey Anderson, Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin, Annise Parker, and first row, unknown

below, Lyons and Martin at a LOAF gathering, 1996, candid shots

Above, Sound Exchange (a vinyl record store) occupied that building from 1998,
moving in January 2019, and below (March 2019) it is no more


BD & Daughter


moved to new location May 1979, apparently sharing space with Wilde-N-Stein

The Bookstore

June 1977 - Dec 1978
[dates based on when it was listed in the TWT Guide sections]
A friend remembers The Bookstore as being owned by a woman
and the store was feminist-oriented with a small "gay" section
on the second level