Gay & Lesbian Bookstores
(that actually sold books)

Inklings, & Others

Lobo Book Shop
Wilde 'N' Stein Books
Crossroads Market


1988 - 1997


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Tape sold by Inklings, with their sticker


Pokey Anderson, Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin, Annise Parker, and first row, unknown

below, Lyons and Martin at a LOAF gathering, 1996, candid shots

Above from 1996 Pride Parade, photo by Frank Parsley

Above, Sound Exchange (a vinyl record store) occupied that building from 1998,
moving in January 2019, and below (March 2019) it is no more


BD & Daughter


moved to new location May 1979, apparently sharing space with Wilde-N-Stein

The Bookstore

June 1977 - Dec 1978
[dates based on when it was listed in the TWT Guide sections]
A friend remembers The Bookstore as being owned by a woman
and the store was feminist-oriented with a small "gay" section
on the second level