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Raids of Gay & Lesbian Bars, Baths, Bookstores, & Parks
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Like many cities Houston has a long history of bar raids. Here are
some clippings that tell a little of the story...by no means complete.

Page 1 - 1967 - 1979
Page 2 - 1980 & Mary's
Page 3 - 1981 - 1984
Page 4 - 1987
Page 5 - 1994-1998
Page 6 - 1999
Page 7 - 2006 - Park Arrests

One of the early ones, in 1967, involved the raids of the women's bar Roaring Sixties, due to customers
"cross-dressing," defined as them wearing fly-front pants. This first article tells of that struggle.


The story is also told, by Rita Wanstrom, in this1987 TWT feature.
Download a PDF of the article.

And the Banner Project devoted a panel to the story.





Armadillo Club

Milam @ Drew





the 1982 article below mentions the 1978 Locker raid


Rally Against HPD

Photos below from Upfront files, by J Hardy Williams

Above, with sign, Carol Fennema; Carl Hays to her left, behind her was Richard Burkhardt, and behind him was Phil Slusser


Above, Phyllis Frye; Below, Ray Hill


above front in dark shirt, Alice Shrader


above left, Peter Armato
below, Ray Hill and Alice Shrader


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