Texas Bay Area Gays

January 1979 - November 1984

While I did not find much coverage of this organization,
I wanted to honor their good work. The best article being
the one below from Jan 1983 on their fourth anniversary.
But they obviously had some good projects, like producing
a news segment as a part of the radio show Wilde N Stein
in the Spring of 1979. And donating a mini-library of the
publication "One" to the Integrity Archives. Also it is notable
that they formed a offshoot youth group in mid-1983.
I believe the group ended in late 1984, as that
was when it was listed last in the TWT guide section.

above from 1981 Pride Parade

Above, Flyer, courtesy of Donn M.

Above, last listing of the group in the TWT Guide section

Below, some of the active members of TBAG,
including founding member Doug Turner