Houston Gay Liberation Front
A Short-Lived Houston Gay Socialist Organization

below, from Gay Pride Guide 1980

They were active enough in 1972 to send out surveys to Texas State
elected politicians asking their views on homosexuality. Founded in 1970, by 1972
they dropped the "Front" from their title to "avoid the ultraleftism that went along
with the GLF activities and structure."
Highlights of these papers are courtesy of GCAM and have been consolidated in
this PDF file

Also I found their statement of purpose, from papers by David Thorstad
who would later form North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
. The pages
referring to Houston are as follows.

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John Burnside, David Thorstad, and Harry Hay

The Nuntius was the only Houston gay publication of the early 1970s,
and for a few months--February through April 1971--it gave considerable
coverage to the GLF.

February 1971

March 1971


April 1971



no mention after this issue if they ever went to Cuba, or of the GLF at all