Gay Activist Alliance

U of H


The GAA organized a March in 1976, for June, recognized here
as the first "gay pride parade" in Houston, See More



For 1977 another parade was planned, but there was no funding and it was overtaken by need for
the huge Rally held downtown on June 16th to protest Anita Bryant


Below, two images from the U of H yearbook, The Houstonian, 1977,
the second with Ray Hill and Tony Biffle dancing

from the 1994 yearbook, summary of organization changes...
from Gay Liberation Front (1971), to Gay Activist Alliance (1973),
to Gay & Lesbian Student Association (GLSA) in 1985;
and in 1994 G.L.O.B.A.L., Gay Lesbian or Bisexual Alliance

Note, the 1978 clipping from LXIX publication above mentions Gay Resource Services
"forming in the early 80's" was obviously already in existence in 1978,
with the implication of forming even earlier