AIDS: Houston's Response
This summary was presented, in poster form, at the Houston Heritage
Society GLBT Exhibit "Throughout: Houston's GLBT History,"
during the summer of 2015.

It is an excellent tracking of the events.

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Also see, AIDS Clippings from TWT

And click on the above graphic for oH Project information
also see this excellent article from the Houstonia on the project, March 2018

Also, see several important publications at bottom of page


1985 Pride Parade entry, when name was still KS/AIDS Foundation (photo by Joe Watts)
name changed to AIDS Foundation Houston in April 1986

correction to above: The Montrose Counseling Center was incorporated on 12/18/78

Kaposi's Sarcoma Committee, 1982
[ before creation of AIDS Foundation Houston ]

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below, 1983 flyer from KS/AIDS Foundation

10/28/16, Ray Hill commented on the 1983 flyer and the CHE publication:

Steve Shiflet and I had been at odds since I secured his resignation as president of the Caucus
for not supporting the endorsed candidate, Debra Danburg, in her first race for the TX Legislature.
He organized CHE Citizens for Human Equality and I was not welcome to join but when the
community faced what was becoming a health crisis, He called, we patched up and I was asked
to write the pamphlet you see here. The printing was paid for by Jack Jackson selling raffle tickets
to win a color television I wanted it illustrated with hunky guys but the City of Houston Health
Department refused to distribute it like that so we made cartoons af Bambi and Thumper messing around.

If anyone can send me a better scan of the flyer, please let me know


AIDS in Texas, 1987

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AIDS / HIV Resources 1993

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Newsletter of the Houston Clinical Research Network, March 1994




Lifeline: September 1993, January-February 1994, March 1994   Download
            Lifeline, Winter 1996   Download

Among Friends -- Newsletter of the PWA Coalition of Houston
January 1994, Download

There are obviously many more newsletter editions and AIDS publications that
I have not had access to for scanning. I recommend serious researchers visit
the University of Houston, MD Anderson Library Special Collections, as in the Fall of 2016 AFH, the AIDS
Foundation Houston, has donated to them a large collection of their archives. See announcement info.

Above, college thesis focusing on the AIDS crisis in Houston and Dallas
by Molly Bundschuh