A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information



This site is so deep in information, spread across a couple
thousand pages, that noticing material that is new can be
difficult, and I add new items and sections all the time.

So, on this page I will try to maintain a listing, adding
the main new items at the top of the list.

Eagle Bar, added a section of 360° Photos (12/6/17)

Large addition to the Dixon & Snowden section for a Special Collection just acquired

New section for the Midtowne Spa (1977-2016) (added 11/25/17)

The Diana Foundation (1953 - present) (added 11/18/17)

Video interviews with Don Kelly and the late Kay Van Cleave (added 11/16/17)

Early Gay Clothing Stores: Doubrava Jones - Manhole and Sports Locker (added 11/12/17)

Gay Gyms of Montrose: Fitness Exchange, Jim's Gym and Parkway Athletic Club (added 11/9/17)

The history of the Black Tie Dinners, 1988-2007 (added 10/30/17)

Many additions to the GLBT Caucus files, from years 1989 to 1994, including Bylaws (10/29/17)

Vastly expanded the images & clippings for HATCH (10/28/17)

Military Ball Photos, October 1976, Levi's (added 10/20/17)

Pride Clippings, new section, with photos, of Pride coverage through the years (added 10/19/17)

Lesberadas, a group of "lesbian feminist anarchist gadflies" 1977-1979 (added 10/19/17)

The Banner Project updated with three new Banners and photos from 2017 events

Addition to the Bar Section of the dance bar Heaven (1985-1997) (added 10/7/17)

Added to the Businesses Section info on Appearances and Muscle Beach and Union Jack (added 10/7/17)

Digital files for the first 14 issues of Montrose Star, 2010 (added 10/4/17)

Gay Atheists League of America
(GALA) & American Gay Atheists (added 10/2/17)

Greater Houston GLBT Chamber of Commerce
, 1996-2008 (added 10/1/17)

The Greater Montrose Business Guild history is captured, 1982-1992 (added 9/30/17)

New section for the business Basic Brothers, 1982-2002 (added 9/28/17)

New section on 1989 March on Austin, with photos (added 9/7/17)

Gay Hispanic Caucus /Gay Lesbian Hispanics Unidos (1978-1995) section (added 9/4/17)

Addition to the Bar Section of the Chicken Coop (1981-1986) (added 8/29/17)

Added digital copies of four issues of Contact, making the 17-run complete (8/22/17)

Added additional info on Texas Gay Conferences and TGTF (8/19/17)

Spectrum '95, Town Meeting II, & the CD, 6/18/95 (added 8/18/17)

Digital copies of over 100 issues of AbOUT Magazine added to a special section (8/16/17)

History of The Montrose Patrol (1979-1982) and The Q-Patrol (1992-2002) (added 8/4/17)

Killer or Actvist. The colorful story of Lesley Perez (added 7/29/17)

Bar page set up for the Soixante Quinze, or 6015, lasting less than one year (added 7/27/17)

Montrose Sports Association, covering Bowling, Softball and other sports (added 7/21/17)

Added Texas Human Rights Foundation (TGRF) Annual Report, 1981, in Newsletters section (6/30/17)

A selection of Pride Parade Newsletters and insider Participant info added, dating back to 1989 (6/17/17)

Guild Travel Guide for 1964 added to resource section (6/17/17)

Anita Bryant Protest March, 1977 and 40th Anniversary Coverage

Krewe of Olympus, Photos from 2004 Event (added 5/21/17)

The Montrose Clinic early years (added 5/12/17)

Photos & Clipping from Follyball Fest, 1977 to 2000 (added 5/11/17)

Added many photos/clippings to the PFLAG, Garden Party and Miss Camp America sections (5/11/17)

Added video of Omega House 30th Anniversary Celebration (added 5/4/17)

The GLBT teen organization HATCH (4/15/17)

Added International Guild Guide 1978 to Statewide Data section (4/3/17)

Stonewall Law Association / BAHR (4/2/17)

Cross-Dressing Laws Defeated - A 13-Year Struggle (3/29/17)

Transition: Music by Phyllis Frye & Lilly Roddy October 2005 (3/28/17)

Much expanded section on Gay Radio (added 3/26/17)

Pride Parade 2005 Video (added 3/26/17)

Houston's "Peculiar Street"...a stereotypical look at our community, January 1968 (3/23/17)

Re-organized and expanded my Politics link (3/18/17)

The Steve Brown Address Books, 1974 (added 3/16/17)

Bar Fires & Arson
(added 3/16/17)

New section for CHE, Citizens for Human Equality (1981 - 1990) (added 3/15/17)

Added scans of about 40 additional Newsletters & Programs (added 3/12/17)

Pride 1981 Photos & Clippings (added 3/11/17)

Virtual Reality Photos of the former bars EJ's & The 610, from 2010 (added 3/5/17)

1978-79 Photo Collections from GPC, Harvey Milk Vigil,
Xmas Tree Incident, & MOW Fundraiser
Ray Hill & Charles Law debate bible bigots on the radio (added 2/26/17)

Dimensions Magazine, Lubbock (added 2/22/17)

Art Wren's Silver Dollar (added 2/21/17)

Pride 2003 Video (added 2/20/17)

The Minister Mike Show (1990, 1992) (added 2/20/17)

Pride Parade 1998 Video (added 2/20/17)

Royal Dixon & Chester Snowden
Power couple of the Houston Arts Community
from the 30's to the 60s
(added 2/17/17)

The Drum, Locker & Chutes
...the Bars of 1732 Westheimer (added 2/15/17)

Venture-N (added 2/13/17)

Ripcord (added 2/12/17)

Bar Raids (added 2/10/17)

Andy Mills Tribute, Plus extensive
section on Houston Pride Band (added 1/18/17)