A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information



This site is so deep in information, spread across a couple
thousand pages, that noticing material that is new can be
difficult, and I add new items and sections all the time.

So, on this page I will try to maintain a listing, adding
the main new items at the top of the list.

The Banner Project updated with three new Banners and photos from 2017 events

Addition to the Bar Section of the dance bar Heaven (1985-1997) (added 10/7/17)

Added to the Businesses Section info on Appearances and Muscle Beach and Union Jack (added 10/7/17)

Digital files for the first 14 issues of Montrose Star, 2010 (added 10/4/17)

Gay Atheists League of America
(GALA) & American Gay Atheists (added 10/2/17)

Greater Houston GLBT Chamber of Commerce
, 1996-2008 (added 10/1/17)

The Greater Montrose Business Guild history is captured, 1982-1992 (added 9/30/17)

New section for the business Basic Brothers, 1982-2002 (added 9/28/17)

New section on 1989 March on Austin, with photos (added 9/7/17)

Gay Hispanic Caucus /Gay Lesbian Hispanics Unidos (1978-1995) section (added 9/4/17)

Addition to the Bar Section of the Chicken Coop (1981-1986) (added 8/29/17)

Added digital copies of four issues of Contact, making the 17-run complete (8/22/17)

Added additional info on Texas Gay Conferences and TGTF (8/19/17)

Spectrum '95, Town Meeting II, & the CD, 6/18/95 (added 8/18/17)

Digital copies of over 100 issues of AbOUT Magazine added to a special section (8/16/17)

History of The Montrose Patrol (1979-1982) and The Q-Patrol (1992-2002) (added 8/4/17)

Killer or Actvist. The colorful story of Lesley Perez (added 7/29/17)

Bar page set up for the Soixante Quinze, or 6015, lasting less than one year (added 7/27/17)

Montrose Sports Association, covering Bowling, Softball and other sports (added 7/21/17)

Added Texas Human Rights Foundation (TGRF) Annual Report, 1981, in Newsletters section (6/30/17)

A selection of Pride Parade Newsletters and insider Participant info added, dating back to 1989 (6/17/17)

Guild Travel Guide for 1964 added to resource section (6/17/17)

Anita Bryant Protest March, 1977 and 40th Anniversary Coverage

Krewe of Olympus, Photos from 2004 Event (added 5/21/17)

The Montrose Clinic early years (added 5/12/17)

Photos & Clipping from Follyball Fest, 1977 to 2000 (added 5/11/17)

Added many photos/clippings to the PFLAG, Garden Party and Miss Camp America sections (5/11/17)

Added video of Omega House 30th Anniversary Celebration (added 5/4/17)

The GLBT teen organization HATCH (4/15/17)

Added International Guild Guide 1978 to Statewide Data section (4/3/17)

Stonewall Law Association / BAHR (4/2/17)

Cross-Dressing Laws Defeated - A 13-Year Struggle (3/29/17)

Transition: Music by Phyllis Frye & Lilly Roddy October 2005 (3/28/17)

Much expanded section on Gay Radio (added 3/26/17)

Pride Parade 2005 Video (added 3/26/17)

Houston's "Peculiar Street"...a stereotypical look at our community, January 1968 (3/23/17)

Re-organized and expanded my Politics link (3/18/17)

The Steve Brown Address Books, 1974 (added 3/16/17)

Bar Fires & Arson
(added 3/16/17)

New section for CHE, Citizens for Human Equality (1981 - 1990) (added 3/15/17)

Added scans of about 40 additional Newsletters & Programs (added 3/12/17)

Pride 1981 Photos & Clippings (added 3/11/17)

Virtual Reality Photos of the former bars EJ's & The 610, from 2010 (added 3/5/17)

1978-79 Photo Collections from GPC, Harvey Milk Vigil,
Xmas Tree Incident, & MOW Fundraiser
Ray Hill & Charles Law debate bible bigots on the radio (added 2/26/17)

Dimensions Magazine, Lubbock (added 2/22/17)

Art Wren's Silver Dollar (added 2/21/17)

Pride 2003 Video (added 2/20/17)

The Minister Mike Show (1990, 1992) (added 2/20/17)

Pride Parade 1998 Video (added 2/20/17)

Royal Dixon & Chester Snowden
Power couple of the Houston Arts Community
from the 30's to the 60s
(added 2/17/17)

The Drum, Locker & Chutes
...the Bars of 1732 Westheimer (added 2/15/17)

Venture-N (added 2/13/17)

Ripcord (added 2/12/17)

Bar Raids (added 2/10/17)

Andy Mills Tribute, Plus extensive
section on Houston Pride Band (added 1/18/17)