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This Week in Texas (TWT) is the magazine many of us in the state grew up with, perhaps came out with, welcomed us when we moved here, and was certainly one of the main cultural sources for the LGBT community. There were of course other publications in the state, such as a number of newspapers in the major cities that came and went over time, but TWIT
(as most called it) seemed to capture the spirit of a growing "gay" culture.

TWT PDF Files: 1975 to 2013

Other Publications

The Nuntius, 1970 - 1976   

Assorted Early Publications, 1965 -1993  

Assorted Publications, 1992 - Present  
TX Triangle, Outsmart, TXT, Eclipse, Rumba, Etc

Misc Early Non-Texas Publications

Houston Voice, Montrose Voice,
Contact, Star, early Montrose Star, Etc

Women's Publications: 1975+  
Pointblank Times, Wand, Womynspace, Etc

Upfront Newspaper, 1978 -1980

Houston Breakthrough, 1976-1980  
Dimensions, 1986-96  

Houston Forum, Texas Forum 1985 - 87  
Montrose Activity Center Newsletters
Montrose Gem, 2005 - 2011  
MAP (Montrose Area Pride, 1996 - 97)

About Magazine, 2008-2016  
Newsletters & Programs   

Gay Houston, per The Advocate: 1975 -- 1982  
Gay Houston, per Other Magazines

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