A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information




Miscellaneous Stuff

TV Montrose
Our cable newsmagazine, 1998-1999

Peculiar Street
Houston Nightlife During the Stonewall Era

Houston Voice Caricatures


Max Angst Comics
1981-1987 Locally Syndicated Strip, in Voice and Forum

The Steve Brown Address Books
From circa 1974 a gay man's personal listings of gay
bars & businesses in Houston & Dallas

The Time I Met Frank Kameny

Travels with Toby McCutcheon

Below, I've acquired a scrapbook from 1949, from Edinburgh, Scotland,
that tells of the 30-year love of Angus Fitzroy for Toby McCutcheon,
with photos, drawings and postage stamps to mark their world travels

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