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Mary's Naturally--The Song

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When did Mary's Open?

There's some confusion, for a variety of reasons....
these columns by Montrose Voice Publisher Henry McClurg:

...or, a slightly different remembering from Henry McClurg

from other soruces, Joe Anthony's son was named Mike

Or, various ads.....this one would indicate the bar opened in September 1974...we know that's not right...

or, May 1970.....

or another article...from May 2000, going 30 years back to 1970

But I think the bar opened in March 1971, per the ad below from the Nuntius.
There was NO mention in the Nuntius of Mary's prior to March whatsoever,
or any bar at that address, and the ad calls it the "newest spot in town"

And, in the April 1971 Nuntius' gossip section, first "the new Mary's Lounge"

below, 1982 Pride Parade photo, by JD Doyle

and, I forget who sent me this, but it's a layout drawing of Mary's, especially the back