The Banner Project


Pride Festival History Tent
June 25, 2016




Transgender Unity Banquet
September 17, 2016


Keynote Speaker Julia Serano


the evening's award recipients, with keynote speaker

The Queer Voices team was presented with the Media Arts & Entertainment Award
above, TG emcee Robin Mack, and from QV, Jenifer Pool, Bryan Hlavinka, JD Doyle, and Somer Eyeman

University of Houston
Coming Out Day Exhibit

October 11, 2016

noteworthy, because this was the first display
of the Banner Project in a non-gay setting

three new banners added


Josephine Tittsworth was on hand for the debut of her Banner









and there was an excellent article in OutSmart by Brandon Wolf

below are selected photos from it,
with More Found at this link


A few of the Banners were displayed at the
Pride Festival History Tent


above left, Larry Criscione of the Botts Collection and Kirk Baxter of the Banner Project
below, Larry holding court, and at right Aaron Raines (r) and another GCAM volunteer


below right, on the right, of course is Dalton DeHart


And for Coming Out Day (Oct 11th) the Banner Project
was again invited to display at U of H, in the atrium of the
MD Anderson Library....debuting three new banners

Founder Sara Fernandez and co-conspiritor JD Doyle
The photos are pretty similar from 2016, but here are a few




Above left, we were not satified with the original Tumble Bugs banner so it got an updating this year

Above, staffing the table were Nelda Cervantes, JD Doyle and Whitney Cox

Below, Trevor Buffone's LGBT Studies class visited the display, and he shared this photo

Next Event:
The Transgender Unity Banquet
November 4, 2017

Above, Poppy Northcutt
Below, Vincent Pryor and Judge Emmett

Photos below courtesy of Dalton DeHart and Outsmart Magazine

Above, Sara Fernandez, Dalton DeHart, Aaron Richie and family
Below, Kathy Hubbard, Judge Kirkland, Annise Parker

Above, award winners for the evening
Below, Dylan Forbis, unknown, Monica Roberts

Next Event:
Montrose Center 40th Anniversary
May 12, 2018
They requested 15 banners and below is a shot of half of them on display,
hey, behind us were 400 people.