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These sound clips are from a variety of sources and time periods, (mostly from KPFT's Queer Voices) and I wanted to gather them together so they do not get lost among the many pages of this site.
These audio files are in no particular order.

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Ray Hill, Address given to 2007 Transgender
Unity Banquet
, 24 min, LISTEN

Ann Robison, Director of Montrose Center, interviewed on KPFT Queer Voices, by Andrew Edmonson, 1/1/18,
24 min, LISTEN

Mike Webb, newly elected President of the GLBT Political Caucus, talks about plans and goals, interviewed by Bryan Hlavinka on Queer Voices, 1/8/18, 16 minutes, LISTEN
Also see Video Gallery

Brian Bradley on Lesbian & Gay Voices, 6/4/93, talks about Broussard verdict and Q Patrol, 18 min, LISTEN

Plus, after his death in 1995, a tribute on L&GV, 11/10/95, with Suzanne Anderson, Scott Lewis, others, 55 min, LISTEN

Larry Bagneris was a leading activist in Houston in the early 1980s. Jack Valinski does a Queer Voices interview on 9/14/15, 21 min, LISTEN
Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals
  Two Queer Voices interviews with members of HATCH by Jack Valinski and Deborah Bell.
Segment #1, 7/9/93, 19 min, LISTEN
Segment #2, 12/10/93, 18 min, LISTEN

Queer Voices interview with fundraiser supreme Don Gill by Andrew Edmonson,Don co-founded PWA Holiday Charities, 3/6/17, 18 min, LISTEN

Houston social, semi-political group of the early 1980s
Queer Voices interview by JD Doyle and Bryan Hlavinka with Mark DeLange, owner of
The Eagle, about the Phoenix Room, which is dedicated to Houston LGBT history. 21 min, LISTEN
Interview on Wilde-N-Stein with Interact/Houston members Carl A, Carl B, Richard and Gary Van Ootenham. They discussed their coffeehouse and also the Gay Archives, 2/18/82, LISTEN
plus...Interview on W-n-S by Ray Hill with Richard      Burckhardt on Integrity, from 3/25/76, rebroadcast on 1/2/86, 3 min, LISTEN

QV interview with activist Tori Williams, by Andrew Edmonson, 5/29/17, 20 min, LISTEN

Founded Pet Patrol, co-founded Assisters, and Oral History Project

Queer Voices interview by Andrew Edmonson with activist Sue Lovell, on AIDS history, 1985 referendum, etc. 8/6/18,
28 min, LISTEN
Also see Video Gallery

Queer Voices interview by Jack Valinski with John Wright, Editor of OutSmart Magazine, 8/20/18, 19 min, LISTEN

(John left OutSmart 1/7/19)

QV interview with AIDS and social activist and priest Bob Hergenroeder, by Andrew Edmonson, 5/29/17, 17 min. LISTEN

QV Interview with young Trans Activist Landon Richie, on the Gender Cool Project, by Andrew Edmonson, 18 min, 4/16/18m LISTEN

KPRC Houston Life TV host Derrick Shore interviewed by JD Doyle and Bryan Hlavinka, 12/4/17,
24 min, LISTEN
  Ray Hill, interviewed by Jack Valinski, on Wilde & Stein, about how that show began, 11/23/92, 8 min, LISTEN

QV: Brandon Wolf interviewed by Bryan Hlavinka on the Botts Collection moving to
U of H, 8/22/18, 21 min, LISTEN

QV interview by Jack Valinski with Greg Jeu, looking back on the 25th anniversary of OutSmart Magazine, 4/16/18, 21 min, LISTEN

  Lesbian & Gay Voices: on ACT-UP, interview by Jack Valinski with Gary Grant, Keith Stewart, and Terri Richardson, 5/21/93,
15 min, LISTEN

QV: Andy Mills interview, founder of the chorus and band, by Jack Valinski, 1/26/15, 14 min, LISTEN

QV: pioneering Houston activist Pokey Anderson, interview by Jack Valinski, talks about IWY, 11/6/17,
18 min, LISTEN

QV interview by Brian Hlavinka and JD Doyle with Eric Edward Schell on his project Pride Portraits and the Be Visible Wall, 12/17/18, 24 min, LISTEN

  L&GV: Interview by JD Doyle and Jone Devlin with Dr James Sears on his then-new book "Rebels, Rubyfruit and Rhinestones," 10/2/01,
34 min, LISTEN

Ten Year Retrospective of the show, by Mike Miesch, including death of Fred Paez, 10/2/86, 11 min, LISTEN



Queer Nation PSA, 11/23/92, 1 min LISTEN
PSA by Councilman George Greanias urging vote      against 1985 referendum, 1 min, LISTEN

PSAs for GPC and Gay Switchboard, Jack Valinski,      mid 1980s, 1:30, LISTEN
PSA Whitmire vs Welch, Nov 1985, local station,
     3 min, LISTEN
PSA Gay Pride Week 1983, 1 min, LISTEN


W-n-S interview by Ray Hill with sex researcher CA Tripp from 1975, rebroadcast in 1986,
3 min. LISTEN

Bill Scott, co-founder of Montrose Counseling Center

W-n-S: Mike Miesch hosts Bill Scott, safe sex workshop, 8/1/85, 25 min, LISTEN

W-n-S coverage of Houston vigil for Harvey Milk, 1978,
2 min, LISTEN

  Ray Hill introduces Charles Law at 1979 March on Washington, with entire Law speech, 10 min, LISTEN

QV: Dicussion and critique of the 8-part TV docudrama on LGBT rights, by Jack Valinski, JD Doyle & Andrew Edmonson, 3/6/17, 8 min, LISTEN

QV: Jennifer Rene Pool intervews Sharman Petrie about the 2007 Houston Women's Festival, 12 min, LISTEN

  W-n-S: 11/23/92, Ray Hill talkes about the gay community of the 50s/60s, 4 min, LISTEN


L&GV: 1/20/95, Juan Palomo interviews the creators of the Harvey Milk Opera, Michael Korrie and Stewart Wallace; intro by Deborah Bell, 48 min, LISTEN

L&GV: 6/4/93, KPFT General Manager Barry Forbes interviews Michelangelo Signorile on his book "Queer in America." 11 min, LISTEN
And, also a historic segment from Pacifica Archives "From the Vaults," with Ray Hill remembering the planning of the 1979 march and with clips of a meeting with Harvey Milk, + some from 2006, 29 min, LISTEN Excellent!

L&GV: 6/25/93, 15 min, Suzanne Anderson interviews Gene Harrington on recent problems between the commiunity and the HPD, LISTEN
L&GV: 6/4/93, 8 min, Jack Valinski talks with Deborah Bell on her 9-month stint as National Organizer of the March on Washington. LISTEN

Also from L&GV, 3/19/93, interview by Juan Palomo with Eric Marcus on his book "Making History, The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights,"
15 min, LISTEN

  L&GV: 7/2/93, 21 min, Jack Valinski interviews Bart Loeser about the AIDS Foundation Houston. LISTEN

L&GV: 3/4/94, 12 min, Suzanne Anderson & Brian Bradley "Speaking Out" on current issues, LISTEN

Also, 3/18/94, Speaking Out, 10 min, LISTEN

L&GV: 4/2/93, 17 min, Juan Palomo interview with Kay Longcope, publisher of the Texas Triangle (which lasted from 1992 to 2004. LISTEN

LG&V: 12/16/94, 19 min, Jack Valinski and Deborah Bell interview Lady Victoria Lust, aka Marvin Davis on her charity work. LISTEN

L&GV: 10/14/94, just for fun, a promo for the show by the very gay singing group, The Flirtations, 20 seconds

L&GV: 3/18/94, 17 min, Melody Blake reports on the PFLAG Healing the Hurt Conference, LISTEN


L&GV: 12/16/94, 22 min, very rolicking interview by Nancy Ford with singer Sarah McLachlin. LISTEN

L&GV: 012795, Jack Valinski interviews Dianne Hardy Garcia, Executive Director of Lesbian & Gay Rights Lobby of Texas (LGRL) talks about hate crimes and legislation,
19 min. LISTEN

L&GV: 10/28/94, 12 min, Election Update on the Caucus by members Brian Bradley, Terri Richardson and Keith Stewart. Interview by Deborah Bell. LISTEN

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