Assorted Publications
1993 - the Present

This section of this site will feature downloadable and searchable PDF files of selected
gay & lesbian publications, mostly from Houston, but including some statewide ones.
This is by no means all of the ones that existed, just the ones to which I had access, and
all are rare and interesting. If you can provide other issues of these and similar publications
for scanning purposes, please contact me. I am displaying these in roughly year order. Access

to these publications is courtesy of Gulf Coast Archive & Museum and The Botts Collection.
A listing of some early Houston GLBT publications (a work in progress) can be found at this link.

 Additions are added often, so please check back

Also see this article from Ambush Magaine, Dec 2000, about the state of gay press in Texas

Texas Triangle, 1992-2004

Texas Triangle

Based in Austin, and published by Kay Longcope, this statewide paper began 10/15/92, and had rough years, before being bought by Angle Media in 1997.

click for short Network Q interview on Youtube with Kay Longcope, and others

Vol 1-28, 4/22/93, PDF
Vol 1-34, 06/2/93, PDF
Vol 1-35, 06/9/93, PDF
Vol 1-37, 6/23/93, PDF

Vol 1-50, 9/22/93, PDF
Vol 2-7, 11/23/93, PDF
Vol 2-36, 7/06/94, PDF

Vol 3-35, 6/16/95, PDF
Vol 4-6, 11/17/95, PDF
Vol 4-13, 1/12/96, PDF

Vol 5-6, 11/28/96, PDF
Vol 5-12, 1/16/97, PDF
Vol 6-32, 6/4/98, PDF

Vol 7-12, 01/01/99, PDF

At right, the 5/25/01 issue also served as the Houston Pride Guide, and the PDF also includes selected pages of Pride coverage from several succeeding issues.

Vol 9-34, 5/25/01, PDF

Highlights from
Vol 10-1, 10/12/01, PDF

Vol 10-12, 12/28/01, PDF

Vol 10-36, 06/14/02, PDF

Vol 11-34, 05/30/03, PDF
Vol 11-36, 06/13/03, PDF


The PDF file for the 5/30/03 issue also includes selected pages of coverage from issues for 6/27 (Pride) and 7/4 (Sodomy Ruling Victory)

The 6/13 issue has an extensive feature on Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

one of last issues
Vol 13-3, 10/22/04, PDF

OutSmart, 1994-Present


OutSmart is certainly not an "assorted publication," and it got its start with its 2/15/94 issue, a monthly, and is still going strong. After the 8/15/96 issue it moved to monthly dating, and next issue was 10/96. Size has always been 8x11", in recent years 100-150 pages, too large for scanning completely, so only selected pages are represented here. The Publisher from the beginning has been Greg Jeu.

OutSmart's coverage of the Houston Pride Celebrations has always been excellent, and scans
of those can be found in a special section accompanying the Pride Guides, at the bottom of
the page.

Volume 1-1, 02/15/94

Volume 1-2, 03/15/94
PDF Part 1  PDF Part 2

Vol 2-5, 6/15/95, PDF
Vol 3-2, 03/15/96, PDF

Volume 5-2,
02/98, PDF

During 1999 a wonderful year-long feature on Houston history was included, so I've done two special scans of just those sections. Part 2 also has some additions from history relation articles from 2000/2001.

The magazine has a great site where the current issue and recent articles are archived, at

Volume 6-12 thru 7-5,
Jan-Jun 1999, PDF

Volume 7-6 thru 7-11 +,
Jul-Dec 1999, PDF

Volume 22-5, June 2015,

Volume 23-5, June 2016,

Uptown Express
Book of Maps

You could not really term Uptown Express a "gay" publication, and it called itself a "holistic magazine." I list it here as it was published by Greg Jeu (of Outsmart), and his staff over the years included many LGBT folks, like Nancy Ford and Blase DiStefano. It was bi-monthly and ran from 1984 through about 1996.

June 1990, PDF

June 1993, PDF


The Book of Maps

Henry McClurg ran the Montrose Inn and issued his own map publication...unsure how many issues were done.
#1, July 1998, PDF

(very similar to 1996-97 publication MAP, see separate page)

Fag Rag (Austin, 1993-96)
Alternatives (late 80s-1994, San Antonio)
The San Antonio Marquise (1992-1997)

Vol 36, 5/26/94, PDF

Fag Rag

At least the third publication by this name, this bi-weekly Austin-based one was also distributed in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, adding Dallas before folding in 1996. Measuring 7 1/2x8 1/2" it grew to 10 1/2" tall at the end of 1994 with #50

Vol 69, 9/1/95, PDF
Vol 70, 9/15/95, PDF


A thin publication lasting several years in San Antonio from 1992 or 1993 to at least 1994, with Publisher Kelly Murphy and Editor Thomas Edmonson.

5/15/94, PDF


The Marquise

A hard-news publication led by Ted Switzer from 1992-1997, 8x11", with fortunately 183 issues archived at UTSA at
this link.

Vol 4-5, May 1995, PDF

Underground Station - 1997
Clikque (or Clik), 1998 - 2007
The Guide

Underground Station

Kenneth LaMarr was Editor of this gay Black publication from Dallas. It was almost pocket size, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", ~40 pages, unknown how long it was printed.

Vol. 1-4, May 1997, PDF


Billed as "the Nation's Premier Gay Publication For & About People of Color," it was an entertainment pub based out of Atlanta, listed here as (at least in the issue I have seen) it had a Houston office and many Houston club ads. In 2007 they changed to Clik Magazine and ended in April 2008. Publisher was Dwight Powell.

Vol 2-7, Dec 1998, PDF

Vol 2-4, Aug 1998, PDF

The Guide

Texas section from the national magazine, The Guide. Different cities were featured in each issue.
May 1997, PDF

May 2000, PDF

Eclipse, 1996-2003?

Originally an insert in Impact (New Orleans), starting 8/30/96, under Scafide Enterprises Inc, and billed as "The Guide to Gay Nitelife in the Deep South." As of Vol 4-4, 1/29/99, it was owned by Windows Media, adding offices in Houston and Atlanta and bar info sections for the cities. Always a "bar rag" slight on actual "content," at first 8 1/4x10", then
drastically on 6/13/03 changing to
7 1/4x5 1/4", actually pocket size. Intro in 8-25 did
not mention the size change but alluded to a new focus on Houston, and the 8-44 issue has a
Houston address only. Now subtitled as "The Gay Houston Nightlife Guide." Lasted into 2004.

Vol 4-29, 7/23/99, PDF
Vol 4-49, 12/10/99, PDF
Vol 5-36, 9/08/00, PDF
Vol 6-30, 7/27/01,

As there was only 4-5 pages per issue of 'Houston content' I did a special scan of those pages only from 19 issues from 1999, in this PDF

Vol 8-12, 03/21/03, PDF
Vol 8-23, 06/06/03, PDF

Volume 8-25 & 8-44
06/13/03 & 10/30/03, PDF

QTexas, 2000 - 2004


Founded in the Fall of 2000 by Richard Moore. Alan Gellman (once TWT publisher) was Managing Editor until his death in January 2001. It was started by the Dallas Voice when TWT folded (in Aug 2000), and the last issue was 12/31/04. It merged with the Texas Triangle to become TXT Magazine. It was a very slick pub, 8x11" format.

Vol 1-7, 11/3/00, PDF
Vol 1-43, 7/13/01, PDF

Vol 4-24, 02/27/04, PDF
Vol 5-6, 10/22/04, PDF

As there was only a few pages per issue of 'Houston content' I did a special scans of those pages only from the various volumes, with the # in brackets being the
# of issues scanned

Volume 1, (6) PDF
Volume 2, (13) PDF
Volume 3a, (5) PDF
Volume 3b, (7) PDF
Volume 4-5, (9) PDF
TXT Newsmagazine, 2005

TXT Newsmagazine

Dallas Voice owner Richard Moore acquired the Texas Triangle and at the start of 2005 name was changed to TXT Newsmagazine, maintaining the same format and many of the same writers and distribution addresses. It ran for one complete year.

Vol 1-5, 2/4/05, PDF

Vol 1-19, 5/13/05, PDF

Vol 1-24, 6/17/05, PDF

Vol 1-25, 6/24/05, PDF

Vol 1-42, 10/21/05, PDF

Vol 1-44, 11/04/05, PDF
Vol 1-45, 11/11/05, PDF

Vol 1-47, 11/25/05, PDF

Vol 1-49, 12/09/05, PDF
Vol 1-50, 12/16/05, PDF

Vol 1-51, 12/23/05, PDF

Vol 1-52, 12/30/05, PDF

Red, 2005 - 2008


A monthly pub, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2", based out of Phoenix, distributed to several cities and at first in each kept a local focus, though by the end of 2006 issues covered multiple cities. About 50 pages, many more articles than similar pubs. Begun April 2005, last issue June 2008. Editors were David Salcido and then Mike Zydzik.

Vol 1-5, Nov 2005, PDF
Vol 1-6, Dec 2005, PDF
Vol 1-11, May 2006, PDF

Vol 1-12, Jun 2006, PDF
Vol 2-1, Jul 2006, PDF

Vol 2-3, Sep 2006, PDF
Vol 2-4, Oct 2006, PDF
Vol 2-6, Dec 2006, PDF

Vol 2-9, Mar 2007, PDF
Vol 3-3, Aug 2007, PDF

Vol 3-8, Nov 2007, PDF

In2It, 2006
La Voz de Esperanza (1994-2004)


Slim bar rag based out of Austin with statewide coverage, usually 15-20 pages, 5" x 8." Editor & Publisher was Rob Faubion. His next venture was "Shout Texas," also short-lived. It appears last issue of In2It was #8, 7/28/06.

Vol 1, Issues 4-5-6,
June 2006, PDF

La Voz de Esperanza

Published by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, San Antonio, in support of marginalized people including Hispanic Americans, people of color, LGBT, immigrants, etc, Format was 8 1/2x11"

More Info


Shout, 2004 - 2007
Q Monthly Magazine, 2006


Another project of Editor, Publisher Rob Faubion. It apparently lasted from late 2004 through early 2007, serving the Austin & San Antonio gay market. Size was 8 1/2x11

Vol 3-13, 3/16/07, PDF

Vol 2-20, 6/15/06, PDF

Q Monthly Magazine

Slick pub begun October 2006 by Austin radio/media maestro Chase Martin. Size was 8 1/2x11

Chase Martin

#1, Oct 2006, PDF

Rumba, 2009-2012

Based out of Dallas, a state-wide bar pub with a Latino slant to it and lots of slick bar ads and drag features. Early issues, under Publisher Alberto Rey, had a degree of article content, but that lessened through its run. Publisher by late 2011 was Jose "Ricky" Fernandez. It was 5 1/2x8 1/2" and about 30 pages. A biweekly by mid-2012, apparently ending that year.

Vol 1,#2, Jan 2009, PDF
Vol 1,#3, Feb 2009, PDF

Vol 1,#5, Apr 2009, PDF

Vol 1,#9, Sep 2009, PDF
Vol 1,#11, Nov 2009, PDF

Vol 1,#12, Dec 2009, PDF
Vol 2,#5, May 2010, PDF

Vol 2,#6, Jun 2010, PDF
Vol 2,#10, Oct 2010, PDF

Vol 2,#11, Nov 2010, PDF
Vol 2,#12, Dec 2010, PDF

Vol 3,#2, Feb 2011, PDF
Vol 3,#5, May 2011, PDF

Vol 3,#6, Jun 2011, PDF

Vol 3,#12, Dec 2011, PDF
Vol 4,#2, Feb 2012, PDF

Vol 4,#4, Apr 2012, PDF
Vol 4,#6, Jun 2012, PDF

Vol 4,#9, Jul 2012, PDF

AbOUT Magazine, 2008 - 2016
The Republiq, 2014


First issue was 11/28/08, this is a very slick and bright bar publication,
5 1/2x8 1/2" with plenty of bar photos and bar info. Publisher and CEO is Cade Michaels.

See Special Section


The Republiq

Another Austin venture from Chase Martin, connected with a wider media presence at which was active until Oct 2016. The site showed one issue, May 2014 (PDF) for a magazine, but not known if there was also a print edition, or if there were other issues. It appears the last few months was only net news posts.







 Additions are added often, so please check back